Sunday, June 28, 2015

Can I get a little cheese...

To go with my whine??  I'm only kind of kidding.  Actually I'm thankful it's only been in the 80s this weekend.  90s would have been almost intolerable.

This weekend was the 12U baseball tournament for the baseball league my oldest son plays in.  We started off Friday at 5.  It meant I had to leave work early to get him to the tournament site to warm up.  They lost their first game which meant they played an additional game at 8:30pm.  They won that game.  But, that shot our evening since we didn't get home until after 11pm.  Saturday morning, we had another game at 11:30am which meant we had to leave by 9:30 am and drive an hour so he could warm up with his team.  They won that game too and played again at 4:30pm.  We stopped at the store on the way home for some pizza and gatorade for the game today.  We had another game this morning.  If they had won, there was the possibility of 5 games today.  Those would have been some drop dead tired boys if that had worked out for them.  Peasonally, I'm glad it's done for another year.  I have sunburn to deal with.

This is my boy playing first base.

I did get some stitching done this weekend.  Especially during the break they had between games.  I've been working on 5 Little Pumpkins by The Cat's Whiskers again.  Here's where it was when I pulled it back out last week.

Band 3 on 6/24/15

Band 4 on 6/26/15

This one involved a little fudging.  I didn't have the Kreinik the chart called for or even a close approximation.  I think it called for 5510-Persimmon.  I used PB14 instead which is a bronze.  I think it works very nicely with the black silk and the purple rhodes stitch.  It kind of looks like antique pumpkin color.

Band 5 on 6/27/15

Band 6 on 6/28/15

and here's an overall pic since I had to move my qsnaps.

I also made some progress downstairs this week.

Digit (my feline helper) is checking out my work.  I had to pick up some more lumber to get beyond this point and I took care of that today.  I'm hoping to pick this back up later tonight or tomorrow.

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