Monday, January 30, 2017


I didn't get as much done as I would have liked last week.  There were two or three days that not much happened or I only put a few stitches in.  This week, I'm hoping to get much closer to finishing page 22.  There is one stitch that touches the edge...

Monday, January 23, 2017


The work on Lust continues.  I'm slowly creeping up on about half of page 22 finished.  Since I've moved away from the confetti in some of the dress, it's moving faster.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fire and Ice

I've been working on Lust since I finished Woodland Wonder.  Here's where she is now.

Last weekend ended up being a three day weekend since there was a major ice storm that came through the Midwest US over the weekend.  Here are some of the pictures I uploaded.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

First finish of 2017

I put the last bead in last night.  Sadly, this is the best picture I got even directly under the dining room light.  I won't see the sun at home until the weekend.

Lust is back out on the qsnaps.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Woodland Wonder, new starts

I've almost finished Woodland Wonder!!  I just have to finish the beading and I'll have my first finish for 2017.

Here's all the stitching complete

First tree beaded

Here's as far as I got on the second tree before it got too late.

The beads definitely change the look of the trees.  They were kind of drab before the beads were added.

On January 1, I was still obsessed with Woodland Wonder.  I had a couple of kits on the coffee table waiting for my New Year's start, but I didn't manage much.  I put a few stitches into He Came With the Rain by Unconventional XS

I also put a few more stitches into The Forgotten by Charting Creations

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017, plans

I think I'm going to change up my rotation a bit.  Over the last several years, I've not really focused on any of my projects.  I think this year, I'm going to make Lust my focus piece and after my New Year's start, I'm going to work a page on her, pull another project and work a section or page (whatever works best) and go back to Lust for another page.  I'm ready to have another HAED finished especially since I have been starting other full coverage pieces.  

After my New Year's Start, of course!

Here are all my projects for 2017.

New start
The Forgotten by Charting Creations
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
goal:  page 1

Sea Witch by HAED
started 1/1/16
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
goal:  page 2

Coat of Arms
started 3/12/12
1x1 full x 40 ct from HDF
Goal:  next row of pages and decide which row to skip

Love Thy Thread
Lonliness of Autumn
started 9/6/14
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco

Goal:  Page 5-6 to finish row

started  10/1/09
1x1 full x 28 ct Monaco
Goal:  Page 22-24

Earth Song
started 3/2009
1x1 full x 25 ct Lugana
Goal:  next page

Loara Standish
started 1/1/13
1x3 50 ct Kingston
Goal:  Band 3

HAED's Nightshade
started 10/31/13
1x1 full x 28 ct Monaco
Goal:  page 6

The Master (Tilton Crafts)
started 5/5/13
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
Goal:  page 4-5 to finish row

started 4/11/15
DMC 16 Color SAL
1x1 full x 40 ct from HDF
goal:  finish

started 5/10/15
Eclectic Bloke Designs Warrior Alice
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
Goal:  page 3

started 6/1/15
HAED's Her Private Garden
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
Goal:  page 2

started 7/25/15
Chatelaine's The Heritage Sampler
2x2 28 ct Monaco
Goal:  3rd section

HAED's SS Daybreak
started 10/31/15
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
Goal:  page 2

Star Spangled Banner by Northern Expressions Needlework
started 5/30/16
Goal:  finish short red/white bands

Chatelaine's Hawaiian Garden Mandala
started 7/31/16
Goal:  finish part 1

Tilton's Feathers in the Wind
started 10/1/16
Goal:  finish page 2

Woodland Wonder by Glendon Place
started 12/12/16
Goal:  finish