Monday, September 26, 2016

The Master continues

The Master is still out and making progress.  Monday evening, I finished page 2.

I've been doing a few hundred stitches each night and had lots of time this weekend to stitch.  Last night, I left it looking like this.

I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for a page finish this weekend so I can join the Tilton new start SAL.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Update on Tilton's The Master

Last night saw me creeping up on a page finish on Tilton's The Master.

I'm hoping another evening or two will get me there.

Yesterday, I pulled and zigzagged fabric for a new start SAL in the Facebook group Cross Stitch and Discuss.  It's for a new Tilton start on September 30.  I have all the floss already.  It's not bobbined yet, but I may just bobbin what I need as I need it.  I haven't really felt like bobbining thread.  I chose to do Feathers in the Wind since I already had the chart.

While I had the sewing machine out, I also zig zagged fabric for Charting Creations The Forgotten since I think it will be my New Years start for 2017.

Is it wrong to be thinking about a New Year's start already??

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Page 21

I finished page 21 of Lust Monday night after we got home from DS#1's football game.  They won 26-8 against a team that went 4-0 last year.  This team has improved so much from the team they were last year.  DS#1 is playing any position the coach will put him into and having a blast.  Here's a punt return.

Lust when I took her off the qsnaps.

I brought Tilton's The Master back out to finish at least page 2 and get a break from the reds.  My goals this year for Lust was page 21 and 22 and for The Master was page 2 and 3.  I'm hoping using The Master for a break from Lust, I'll be able to meet both goals.

This is last night's progress.  If you look closely, you can see the white and super pale blue stitches.

Monday, September 12, 2016

So close!

That bottom right corner is all I have left on this page.

I hope to finish it tonight and rotate to The Master for a page or so.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1800 to a page finish

Since my mojo came back from vacation, I've made some great progress on Lust.  So much so that I'm hoping to have this page finished by the end of the week.



The last week or so has been busy and I haven't a had a chance to get the bathroom started.  DS#1 and I were going to yesterday morning until we discovered the nails in the nail gun were too long and we didn't have anything shorter.  DH is supposed to pick up some shorter nails today so I'm hoping to make some progress tonight.