Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter Watergarden

Yeah!!  I'm finally caught up with SOMETHING!  I just finished part 11 of Winter Watergarden just in time for part 12 to come out next week.  Now, I'm either going to pull Adriana back oh to finish page 3 or I'm going to pull Lust out to try to finish the final two pages of the second row to meet another one of my full year goals on the HAED BB.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Watergarden part 10

I don't know what it is about these little birds, but the first one takes forever and the second one is stitched up very quickly.  Here's the whole thing.  Sorry about the pic, it's a little blurry

 And a closeup of my little robin?

Stay tuned for pics of part 11.  I'm pushing for a finish by the end of the year!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I finished part 2 of Adriana last night and sent this pic to the Sticklounge mods for the next part.  This one already has four parts released so I need to get moving on it a whole lot faster! 

I 'm also going to be stitching a page of Chelsea's Gift with 19 other stitchers from a couple of BBs she belonged to at the time of her death earlier this year.  It will be assembled as a quilt and sent to her husband and mom.  Quite the labor of love for a very special stitcher.

Anyway, I got my fabric in the mail yesterday from Peggy in Belgium (Thanks Peggy!) so I just need to go through my DMC and pull what I've got so I can see what I need to pick up.  I think Michaels has a 25% off entire coupon out and they just gave my $5 off my perchase with my rewards card.

I think for right now though, I'm going to pull Winter Watergarden back out today and see if I can get part 9 done.  Part 10 is easy too.  Then it would just be part 12 for a finish!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost a finish

I just finished part 3 of Petit Sampler! 

If I wanted to, I could probably see this little piece finished by the weekend. But dark blue 40 ct needs to be stitched on in little parts. Besides, I think I'm going to be using another piece of this fabric for a Christmas gift for my sitter. She's another stitcher/quilter/sewer who actually appreciates stitched gifts. So, that's what she's gotten every year since the boys started going to her house.

Today, a link was posted to a christmas tree freebie that I really like.  I'm thinking of stitching one in white, one in red (probably a pink to make is show up on the dark fabric) and sew them together (along with some stuffing) with some beads for the bling.  I'm thinking finding an old block with the letter J for my boys or D for her name.  If I buy a skinny dowel and drill a hole in the block, I can stand the whole thing up.  Shouldn't take too long to put together and be something she could display...she really likes to decorate her house and this would fit in with Christmas and the Americana theme she has running thru the house.


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Along with burning the sick days, I've had lots of stitching time.  Tonight, I finished page two of Widow I with Sticklounge.  This got me to the first part of the leaf to go along with the pretty flower.  I think the green could have been a little darker, but over all, I'm happy with the color.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Last Friday, I had to pick Jakob up from school early.  He wasn't feeling good.  So what does any boy who loves his mom do?  He shares his crud.  Um...thanks?!  So, since I'm feeling really cruddy, I'm staying home today and possibly tomorrow.  We'll have to see how I feel in the morning. 

I thought I would share some pictures.  Window caused some problems.  I tried to get the next part without having the parts done that carry over into the next pages.  The list mom's wouldn't let me get away with that.  Don't know why.  It made me very unhappy for a couple of days and killed the fun I was having with it.  But finally, I did finish enough to make them happy and got the next part.  Here's part 1

Then I pulled out Spring Knotgarden.
Here's where you can really see the pink I changed in part one POP in the rhodes stitches that work around the corner.  I'm happy, but geez, this little bit repeats 8 times.  So it got put away again for a little while. 
Here's where Window is now.  I just finished all the "lead" in part 2 and will be stitching some red shortly.  I've got to pick out another movie first.  That's the problem with staying home sick and no cable.  You have to pick out new movies several times a day instead of just picking a channel.