Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finish #5 for 2013

About 1am today, I finished the final mystery from Sticklounge.  Unless something drastic happens, the group will close at the end of June.  I've had a lot of fun stitching what was offered over the last three years.  Just to reminisce, I think I'll pull some pictures back up.

and finally there is the last mystery

Now, Dorothy is back on the q-snaps so I'm going to go pour a hot cup of coffee and work on the bargello band for a bit.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Knotgarden update

I just took it off the q-snaps to put it away until next month.  Look for a finish in July!  Yay!

Now my Sticklounge mystery!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baseball is almost over!

This is my oldest son's 10 and under baseball team this year.  They ended up #9 in the league.  Tuesday, they played the #2 team and won 6-0.  They made a huge improvement from the beginning of the year.  

Handsome group of young men, don't you think?

Then there's my youngest son's 8 and under team.  All I can do is give kudos to the coaches.  As one of them put it, coaching this team is like herding cats.  Some of those kids do not listen.  But, the cute factor makes up for it.

Here's Summer Knotgarden the last time I had it off the q-snaps during one of the games at a baseball tournament last Sunday.

Then progress made Monday.  

And my other project which has been slow going between baseball games and practices.  It's the new chicken house.  I just need another sheet of plywood to build the roof, another sheet of insulation and it needs a door and some paint and it will be ready for wheels so I can move the chickens around the yard easier.

Tonight is the team picnic for the 10U team.  The plan is everybody bring a side dish and a dessert.  But there's been no communication about what everybody's bringing.  Could be interesting with lots and lots of potato salad.  Then the kids are playing their parents.  Yay!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New start and WIPs

I don't remember if I've mentioned here that the Sticklounge group is closing in June.  Before that happens, there is one last mystery.  I started it Monday night, I think.  With lots of stitching time today, I finished part 1.  Since part 2 was just released, I'm pretty current, but my guess is that this is a pretty symmetrical piece that wouldn't be difficult to complete without any further parts.

One of my goals for May on a BB was to finish page 6 of Dorothy.  Well, I didn't quite make it for May, but I have them done now.  I did goof on the scallops.  I misplaced a color when I started one of them but once I realized it, there was absolutely no way I was going to take all those eyelets back out.  So, this is my version and it is uniquely mine!

Last night I also made a start on the third corner of Summer Knotgarden.  This is all the further I made it before I called it a night, but for some reason this is the most monotonous part of part 3.  Now that it's done, the rest of it should be easy peasy.

I don't know how much stitching I'm going to manage today or the rest of the week.  I'm working on my new chicken coop and the boys have two baseball games.  Thankfully they're home games so there's no hour drive each way.  I really don't like not getting home till 9:30.  At least the boys don't have school that they have to get up for.  They just have to get up to go to a friends house, where one of the local teen agers is watching mine and the friends, or to camp at the university.