Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've been having some problems with my stitching mojo. I can't seem to settle with a project for more than a few days so I've stitched on 3 different WIPs since my last post. Mirabilia's Garden Verses has been pulled out and has made some progress.

Lust has also made some more progress. I've been working on one of her arms. The colors seem a little wierd without the darker colors around it which is probably why it got put down for a while.

Most recently, I've been working on One Nation. I finally made it through the bulk of the blue and started on some of the red for some variety last night.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've been stitching confetti all morning and right now it sounds like there's a small war going on in my living room. Going to have to take care of that in a minute.

I just finished page 7 of Lust from HAED!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

I guess today is picture day. This first picture is from the Jan-June SK SAL on the HAED BB. I'm nowhere near finished, but I have made some progress.

I finally got Chatelaine's MM5 framed and on the wall. This frame started out black and got the same treatment as MM6.
Tuesday was stash day! These are some minis from the mini forum at Hand-Dyed Fibers. From top left they are Nightmare SSP which is a regular color, a sky blue confetti SSR which is a custom color, Quince SSR, a regular color, Everlasting SSR, a regular color and the bottom two rows are both custom colors in SSR. They're both variations of Dragon Droppings.

And last but not least is Jakob. He was helping take chickens from their pen to be butchered. In previous years, he's helped haul them inside to be put into plastic bags but this is the first time he's handled the live birds.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last weekend we went to my parents for the biannual chicken butcher. Yes it is exactly how it sounds. Twice a year, my parents raise fryers and twice a year a number of people come out and help butcher. This year, my oldest son decided he was going to help. He helped carry chickens from the pen to be killed. It's the first time he's decided he wanted to help and he did a great job! I'll get some pics up soon!

I don't have any new wip pics yet but I'm back to working on Lust. I really got tired of the confetti in the flames last time I put it away. So, I pulled the next page and started working a strand of a block of color then picking a color in the flames and stitching all of that. It seems to be working since I can see some progress!

This week, our daycare provider was supposed to go on vacation. So the boys have been coming to work with me. Yesterday, Jakob started running a temp. But I gave him some ibuprofin and we went to work anyway. By the time we got home yesterday, his temp was back and he had a headache. So I put him to bed and he slept through to this morning. His temp was back and we're staying home till it goes back down. Which may take all day!!!