Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well I haven't finished my headboard yet, but I'm close! I just have to finish those darn buttons. It seems I should have drilled larger holes through the plywood to make them easier to find when pushing the needle back through. Live and learn, I guess! But I still thought I should share a picture. What do you think? Haven't decided which way is up yet, but there it is.

I've had a busy couple of days on the stitching side of my life. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours choosing colors for two new charts I got in the mail Monday. I ordered One Nation and Quaker Virtues by Bygone Stitches. I've decided to stitch them in silk from Hand-Dyed Fibers I'll be stitching One Nation in Dragon Blood, Examplar White Chocolate and Zaffre Cobalt. I'm hoping they look really good together. I'll be stitching it on 32 ct Coffee also by HDF. Quaker Virtues will be on 32 ct Light Coffee in Dragon Opal as the main color and Examplar Crushed Berry as the Accent. This one should look very dramatic.

Since I decided yesterday that I needed something totally different what what I've been stitching recently, namely HAEDs and Chatelaines I chose a little chart I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby a while ago. Last night, I coffee dyed the fabric and think it turned out really well. It's a light brown color that is just a little mottled. Here's the chart and my floss toss. This is my first piece in all HDF

The colors from left to right are:Yellow Spice 4163, Yellow Spice 4161, Dragon Blood, Examplar Fleckstone, Old Blue Eyes and Mermaid Blue 2327. The one I'm stitching now is a Christmas gift for our daycare provider. I know she really loves Americana and would REALLY like to have One Nation, but this one I can get done a whole lot faster AND I bought enough of the silks to do one for me!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I thought I'd share a new pic of Lust. I've already gotten more definition in the flames but I don't know how much more I'm going to get done this weekend. I'm planning on getting my tufted upholstered headboard put together so I can have it ready to hand on the wall as soon as the paneling is up. I'm hoping to get the bed moved down there tomorrow or Sunday too. I should have pics soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've busy this week. I've found the bottom and right edge of the first page of the second row of Lust. There's lots of confetti in those little flames so I don't know if I'll finish the page before the second part of Frosty Knotgarden is released or not.

Friday, I stayed home from work with the idea that Ed and I would go mattress shopping. I think we hit all the other placed we wanted to except for the mattress stores. The hardware store which just happens to carry a few mattresses doesn't count. Yesterday after Ed left for work, the boys and I went to Lincoln. Let me tell you know, mattress shopping with two little boys leaves a lot to be desired! We ended up at a disount furnature store and got a mattress for the guest room, and one to give Jakob a bed when I finish his room, which, at the rate I'm going should be sometime this summer. I've got lots of sanding to do in his room since I put the first coat of mud on the walls when I was 7 months pregnant with Josh and haven't touched it since.

Just a little while ago I put a coat of paint on the floor. So now my guest room looks like this So far so good! I think the curtains I picked out will look good too! Told Ed what kind of fabric and he seems to think this room will be for him to dump hunting and fishing stuff in to his heart's content. If that were the case, I wouldn't be working so hard to get it done and looking nice. Here's a link to the curtain panels I'm using for the actual curtains and for the headboard I should be putting together in another week or so. They are in the second row and are the second color in...the rocky river color.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday's supposed to be a day of rest, right? I guess that doesn't count when it comes to work around the house. Since last Tuesday I've been busy working on the guest room we're finishing in the basement. I've been very slowly (is two years slow?) working on getting this put together. I've been sanding drywall mud for what seems like forever, but I had Ed come down Tuesday night and "approve" my work. I just didn't want him to come back and tell me I missed something (which I know I did) when he told me "good job, honey" At that point the room looked like this

Tuesday night, after work I finished sanding. Wednesday night, I put on the first base coat of paint. It's just a primer coat since the drywall just sucks it up. Thursday night I put on the first coat of actual color. Its a light brown color called suede. After work Friday, I picked up a couple of gallons of dark brown concrete for the floor. Ed isn't on board with this idea yet. But since he isn't doing the work, he doesn't have a lot of input. He still wants to put down a subfloor for basements. But if we have another plumbing problem, that stuff will leave water sitting underneath the subfloor growning all kinds of fun stuff. Yuck! I also got a gallon of really light green paint for the ceiling. Saturday, Josh and I stopped by Target and found some curtains. We got three panels so I can do a tufted upholstered headboard as soon as I get all the supplies. The idea comes from the Centsational Girl blog here and here

After the second coat of color on the walls and a coat on the ceiling, my guest room looks a lot different.

On the stitching front. I finished part one of Frosty Knotgarden. It turned out very sparkly!

After I finished this, I returned to Lust. This one is a HAED by Marta Dahlig. When I left this the last time I was just starting the last two pages. Now, I'm almost done with the top row!!