Monday, July 29, 2019


I pulled Convent Garden back out for a quick picture.  

Saturday, I pulled my son's stocking back out and added 1500 stitches to it over two days.  This is the last overall picture.  You can almost see the outline of the stocking in Sulky metallic. 

And here is my progress when I put it back in my bag to take to work. 

I'm still making progress on Earth Song too.  I'm moving faster on it since I've moved out of the wolves. 

Yesterday, I started thinking about my goals for this year and the WIPs that haven't been touched.  So I pulled one that I just wanted to add some stitches to and will probably do just that one night this week.

Here's my starting point on Tilton's Feathers in the Wind

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Last week was my birthday.  So I took advantage of that and the fact I just had a big finish of Lust and started all the things...or at least some of what I had kitted and ready to stitch.

Louisa Coulimore from Hands Across the Sea
2x1 on 46ct Egyptian Sand from Silkweavers
HDF superfine OMOT Heart
started 7/15/19

Cherry Hill Farm Sampler by Stacy Nash
2x1 on 36ct with kit materials
started 7/16/19 

Then I discovered I'd oriented my fabric in the wrong direction and since the margins are really narrow, I can't fudge it.  Crud!  Even though it all has to come out, it has been started.

Death By Cross Stitch by Long Dog Samplers
2x1 on 36ct Legacy Linen in Examplar in HDF Besmurfed with more blues to be added
started 7/17/19

I realized after I'd started and loved my color choice that I don't have enough silk and since Vikki isn't dyeing anymore, the chances of finding more are slim.  So I went to my stash and pulled out some more blues that played nice with my BeSmurfed and a pop of red for all the little hearts and now I have plenty. 

Celtic Snow from Northern Expressions Needlework
2x1 on 36ct Midnight Sky from XJuDesign with charted silks
started 7/18/19

Long Dog Samplers Life After Death
on Cream 36ct from Legacy Linens with HDF OMOT Lost Loves
started 7/19/19 

I also started Convent Herbal Garden Saturday 7/20/19 but I forgot to get a picture.

And finally my progress on Earth Song.  I've finally made it through the wolves and onto the bottom third of the page. 

Monday, July 15, 2019


I almost made it all the way through the confetti of the wolves this weekend.  Hopefully, the rest of the page is faster than the top half.

I also made more progress on Game of Swannes last night.  If I hadn't decided to change a couple of  colors, I would have started the big flower above the current stitched part. 

Since I decided to dye my fabric for Wolf Totem, I had frogged all the stitching since the dye would obviously change the color of the DMC.  Saturday, I restitched what had been frogged.  I need to pick this back up for some progress for the Charting Creations SAL

My birthday is coming up.  I decided I wanted to start something new.  Then I couldn't decide what I wanted to start so here are what I've pulled.

Louisa Coulimore, a Bristol Orphanage Sampler from Hands Across the Sea

M. Woods 1759 from Milady's Needle 

Middlemist Red Sampler from Sassafrass Samplers (Sassy Jacks Stitchery)  

Castle Walls from Ink Circles

I haven't been able to decide which one I want to start.  I might just put a small start into them all.  I'll let you know.

Monday, July 8, 2019


I made lots of progress this weekend.  I charted my son's name from the provided alphabet.  When I showed him what I was planning, he didn't like the K so we changed it and I think we're both happy with it.  

I got to this point then I got bored, and a SAL was starting so I rotated to Earth Song.

Earth Song is slightly older than Lust and is my next planned HAED finish.  These wolves are all confetti which is probably why this one has taken as long as it has.  I love the results, but getting there is a bear.

Saturday night, I started kitting up some of my Long Dog's.  It started out as just pulling out the cottons I'd purchased at the estate sale.  I had four of the called for GAST.  Then I pulled out the Weeks and guessed at the rest.  I decided late yesterday afternoon that a new start was the thing to do and stared Game of Swannes on 36ct Silkweaver in Putty.  I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Monday, July 1, 2019


Page 41 - finished 6/30/19

 Page 36 - finished 6/30/19

Finish!!  6/30/19 

I've almost finished the house on my son's stocking and I'm thinking of working on this one for a while to move it along.

I went to an estate sale Friday and Saturday.  The lady had been a quilter and a needleworker.  There were a lot of charts and kitted projects and some started projects.  There were also silks.  OMG!!  When I saw the Waterlilies tag, in a bin marked $0.50, I about died.  The first day, I brought home over 50 skeins of Waterlilies and had found Au Ver a Soie.  For $20.  I also got a bag of Weeks for $25.  Saturday, when we went back, there was a tub marked $100 for the entire thing.  There were a lot of Waterliles in the bottom so I bought it.  Here's what I found...

This sale was posted on Facebook Marketplace so I PM'd the daughter and asked about the remaining items since on Sunday the prices had dropped 50%.  I don't know if I'll hear anything back but I'd take all the remaining needlework supplies off their hands because there were things I would have liked, they were just overpriced for a garage/estate sale.