Saturday, June 25, 2011


A few weeks ago I went through Joshua's room and cleaned up.  Poor guy had basically been making do since I'd gotten Jakob moved downstairs after the first of the year.  So after going through lots and lots of stuff and throwing away lots of broken toys and other trash.  I got to move a dresser downstairs that I'm currently stuffing full of my stuff. 

In the midst of the cleaning frenzy downstairs, I came across my charts for Chatelaine's Caribbean.  When I posted my finish, someone asked for the changes I made since I stitched it on black.  So, now, before I throw my printed charts away, I'm going to post my changes here, part by part.

Part 1:  The only change I made here was to change the black around the center garden to DMC 502.

Part 2:  No changes

Part 3:  I didn't bother stitching the flamingos in the flamingo ornaments.  I still like the way they look without any thing there.

Part 4:  No changes

Part 5.  The only changes I made were to back stitch the flamingos in The Gentle Art Poppy and stitched the legs in two different colors.  I chose two shade of carnation pink conversion to DMC and stitched all but about three stitches on each leg (right above the gingersnap the egg/nest are sitting on).  The darker color stitched those skipped stitches to give the flamingos knees.  I went through a lot of flamingo pictures on line to decide how to stitch them.  I did stitch the bills of theflamingos in black.

Part 6:  The only change is that I backstitched the sail of the boat in white.  Sure made the sail pop a little more.

Part 7:  No changes to my little fishies other than I stitched them in the wrong color...oops!

Part 8:  The humming bird saw a couple of changes.  The DMC 823 became 336.  Otherwise most of him wouldn't have been terribly visible.  I stuck with this change through the rest of the parts.

Part 9:  The starfish are backstitched with PB 26.  The squares around the crystal symbols are backstitched with PB 36

Part 10:  All the black was changed to DMC 336

Part 11:  The black on the butterflies was stitched in PB 09

Part 12:  The black in the butterflies in the border was also changed to PB 09. I pretty randomly chose this color from colors left from previously completed Chatelaines.

This concludes my Caribbean changes.  Thanks for reading. ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Countdown to a finish

Frosty Knotgarden is just that much closer to a finish!  I am a little over a quarter of the way though parts 5 and 6.  Hopefully I'll be able to stick with the border and be able to have another finish before I get the irrestible urge to start something new!

Monday, June 20, 2011

More Friendship Heart

Here's the result of yesterday's stitching.  This is part four of Friendhip Heart.  I think there are only seven or eight parts to this one so another finish is coming!

After I took this one off the q-snaps I went downstairs to where the WIPs live.  I reached in and pulled out Frosty Knotgarden.  I only have the last two parts to go which are the border.  I have an eighth of it finished.  I would like to see a full side finished before it goes back into it's drawer again.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winter Watergarden

Wow!  I just finished stitching the exact same thing 8 times and lived to tell the story.  Towards the end, I wasn't even using the chart.  I KNEW what to stitch and in what color. 

Now, since Ed volunteered to work today, the boys and I have a quiet house to ourselves.  Or, we will as soon as I go get Jakob from the birthday party/sleepover he went to yesterday.  So, between lots of laundry, I plan to get part 4 of my Friendship heart stitched today.  After that, we'll see...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Winter Watergarden

I've finally finished half of part 6 of Winter Watergarden.  Now that I've got the colors down it isn't as bad but the 8 repeats are going to get really old!

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked this weekend.  Jakob had a ball game Saturday afternoon and we moved my Mustang to a friend of Ed's who is into Fords and will have the time to take a look and see if we can't get it running again.  In the meantime, Ed can park in the garage. 

I did a car traded in on a new one Thursday morning.  Didn't take long at all.  Now I'm driving what feels like a boat after years and years in a compact car.  A full sized one is going to take some getting used to. 

Now, I'm going to go see if I can finish the lower left side of Winter Watergarden before I go to bed tonight.  With a little luck, Ed will go to bed early and I can catch another episode or two of season 3 of True Blood!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, there's no pictures today.  I've been too busy fighting with part 6 of Winter Watergarden and the frogs that have come to visit.  I think I'm taken out just as much, if not more than I've managed to stitch and I'm only on the first corner.

In other news, I'm buying a new car and signing my life away, again, tomorrow.  Ed's car is 1997 Corolla that I drove for 7 years, it went through a tornado, and has been driven for another seven years.  Good news is they're giving me $1000 for it.  Ed wanted to just park it at a friend's.  HA!  Gotta keep the payments down somehow!  So, he's going to get my 2007 Corolla that we got in November because I killed my last one with a deer.  Not the recommended way to kill a car!

Tomorrow, I'm going to sign on the dotted line and pick up a 2010 Camry.  The boys are growing and are starting to have major space issues in the back of the Corolla.  The Camry has lots more room.  Ed will get the 07 and have a/c and heat again.  He's really been missing the a/c the last couple of days with temps over 100 degrees. 

I'll have to remember to take some pics of all three cars and see what you think.


Monday, June 6, 2011


Here's part three of Friendship Heart with the Sticklounge group.  I really like the font on that A

I pulled Winter Watergarden out and got it on the q-snaps last night.  I got one of the posts stitched and started with the border.  Then I realized it was 1am and it was time to go to bed.  Hopefully by the weekend, I'll have some new pics to share.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday update

I finished part 4 of Purple Garden with the Sticklounge group last night.  I figured I should probably post progress on something so they didn't decide to kick me out of the group for non-participation!  I'll probably get part 5 tomorrow. 

After I finished this part of Purple Garden last night I pulled out the Friendship heart and put a few stitches on part 3.  This isn't a very big part, so I should be able to finish it today.  I also brouht up Winter Watergarden since part 6 was released last week.  It ist a very large piece so I should be caught up again in a week or so.


Saturday, June 4, 2011


My kit for Loara Standish finally arrived this week. I've pulled 3 different colors of 40 ct HDF to swap out the unknown 35 ct that the it came with. I debated about some 50 ct Kingston, but I really don't know if I want it that small. The pics show a light, medium and dark fabric.  The second picture probably shows the differences the best since you can see all three fabrics in that one. 

So, which fabric do you like best?