Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm starting to get excited! Last night I finished part 9 of the final corner of Caribbean. It took about an hour longer than I had anticipated which meant I was taking this pic at about 12:30 this morning, but I'll survive and I'm getting really close.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just a little while ago I took a break from Caribbean to start a new load of laundry and decided I would take a pic of my floss toss for Winter Watergarden. Looks nice and icy! BTW, this is my conversion to HDF from the charted fibers.

Here's where I currently am with Caribbean. This is part 9.
I hope everyone is keeping warm! We seem to have finally stumbled out way into winter. It just keeps snowing and snowing! Brrrr!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My break is over. This is the first part of a new SAL with the Sticklounge group.

Back to Caribbean. With luck I should done with it in about two and a half weeks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last night I finished the third corner of Caribbean. I am so ready to have this one done and on the wall!

I have laid it to the side for a couple of nights to take a little break while I have a little new start. It is a new piece from the Sticklounge group. I don't see this taking more than a night or two then I will be back to Caribbean till it is finished.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking at the dates on my posts, I didn't think it had taken a whole week to stitch part nine of the bottom right corner of Caribbean but it did. I wanted to get it done last night, but that didn't happen. Midnight crept up on me too fast!

Yesterday, it started snowing. And it is still snowing. Right now it looks like we've gotten around 3-4 inches of the cold white stuff. We're supposed to get another 3 today. I think winter has finally caught up with us. We spent most of December right around freezing or warmer. This week the highs are supposed to be in single digits. BRRRRRR! Last night I got a call from Jakob's school that said school was called off today. Yeah!! That meant another day of stitching!
Stay warm!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I just finished the second outer corner on Chatelaine's Caribbean. Now to move the qsnaps to begin anew tomorrow.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Where to start? It's been kinda busy around here. I guess I'll start with the stitching and go on from there. Here's the other Fire Wing Designs piece I did for my kids for Christmas. This one is for Josh have them both to them unframed as soon as I took them out of the qsnaps and they loved them!

Since I finished this, I pulled Chatelaine's Caribbea back out of the basement and I'm almost done with part 12 of the second corner. I'm pushing for a finish soon with this cause I really, and I mean really, want to start her Winter Watergarden. It's all kitted up and ready to go except I haven't cut fabric yet. That is going to be my reward for finishing Caribbean and that is why the fabric isn't cut and ready to go. It would be way too easy to start then.

Here's where I was a couple of weeks ago with Jakob's room. I came home from work one night and decided to get the ceiling done so I could move onto walls and paint. OMG!! Doesn't seem like a lot of work and it really wasn't, I just had my arms above my head for the best part of about 2.5 hours and I hurt the next day!
Last Friday since I was off work, I painted the ceiling and walls. The green is Spearmint Froth from Dutch Boy and it is really bright. I'd hoped it would dry a little darker. The stripe is Midnight Swim by Dutch Boy and I picked the color hoping to tone down the green.

Here's the curtains I picked up yesterday. I was looking for something masculine since Jakob is already 8 and the teenage years are coming.
And here's the view from just beside the door. We lined the closet with cedar and put an adjustable closet organizer in there so it can change as Jakob's needs change.
Now, I hear laundry calling. Then I need to go clean up some of the stuff on Josh's floor so I can at some point reorganize that.