Monday, June 1, 2015

Progress is being made!!

Before I show you guys my progress on Coat of Arms, I want to ask a question but I probably need to give you a little background first.

My husband and I have been married for 17 years and we've been together 19 years.  In that time, my in-laws have seen me do a lot of stitching.  They're in Oklahoma so that's saying something.  In fact, before we were married, my DH and I went to California on vacation with them and my FIL called me the sewing lady.  

So, earlier this year, there were items at a sporting goods store that were in stock.  I bought a bunch for us and went back and bought a bunch for my MIL.  She reimbursed me and I thought that was the end of it.  When my DH went for a visit in April, he came home with a couple of Dimensions charts that his mom had purchased for me to say thank you.  Now, I don't have anything against Dimensions but they just aren't my thing.  But I was polite and thanked her for her thoughtfulness.  Now, what do I do with these kits.  This isn't the first time she's gone into Hobby Lobby and bought me Dimensions kits because that's where she goes when she's trying to buy me a gift.  

My question is two parts.  1.  Do I just come out and tell my MIL I do not stitch kits??  Do I give my DH HAED, Tilton, Paine Free Crafts websites and the user name I use and they can either purchase from my wish lists or buy gift certificates?  How do you all handle people who really don't understand your obsession and what is available out there?  2.  What the heck do I do with these kits that will just collect dust??

Since there were no ball games Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I actually found lots of stitching time.

5/30 - page 13

5/31-page 14

and very late last night, 
5/31 page 15

Right now, my q-snaps are empty, but I've had HAED's Her Private Garden

I've got all the floss on bobbins and fabric ready to go.  I just have to start.


Heather said...

You could save them to give out for giveaways or try to exchange them for stitching stuff you will use. You can also just tell her about your favorite shops and charts and hope she takes the hint.

Marlene jones said...

Love your stitching, lovely colour lovely design.
I would tell your MIL, and lead her to the place you like to purchase, no one likes to give presents which are not quiet right, if she is a lovely lady she will understand, and if she does not well she is your MIL.

Agi said...

I had exactly the same thing - my FIL's wife (my husbands parents are divorced) always gives me some stichy thing, which either I already have or do not need. The problem is that we are not very close, meeting 2-3 times a year at Christmas, Easter and birthday time. I have my dilemma: seems unpolite to give her a list to choose from, on the other hand my hints, that I do not need any new stash but I love chocholetes are not working...
So the presents are collecting dust till I find a good owner - and its really frustrating, because I am the kind of person who goes through the whole house 4 times a year and if something is not used and will not be used in the future I immediately trying to find a new home.

Minnie said...

First, your stitching is great, your new HAED looks exciting to stitch. Second, I would politely explain to your MIL that what you do is very different from the kits and if that doesn't get through make sure you get the receipts for the gifts and return them as soon as possible for something you can use or really need. And you can always donate them to charity and let it go.

A said...

Tell your MIL thank you and put the kits in a box.

Sandy said...

I love your and sampler, looking forward to seeing more of it as you post each month.

As for your MIL - hard topic, I would most likely be polite and just keep the kits with the idea that I could re-gift them at a stitching swap :) I have several at home that my Mom gave me that I know I'll never stitch, but know at least she thinks enough about me that she tried to get me something that I would enjoy. Has she ever seen your blog? or do you post on Facebook? Maybe if she saw what you are working on she would be able to pick something that is closer to what you'd enjoy. Or in a thank-you note mention your current project and she can see it at this website.

Where in OK does she live, there is a great shop in Tulsa that has lots of goodies, when I lived in AR I went there often :)

Can't wait to see your HAED, I love them, but know I'd never finish one.


Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Your sampler looks great =)
I am very excited about seeing "her private garden" stitched =) it's such a great design =)

I fear I can't help with the MIL problem, since something like this never really happened to me (mostly because I don't have people giving cross stitch stuff to me...). My BF got me a kit once, but it's a design I really like and from time to time I enjoy kits as well. Maybe your hubby might give your MIL a hint like "well, she is so excited about tilton these days and she really loves the designs from Paine Fee" or something like that. So she thinks you can do even more good by getting you stuff one of those websites O.o

Stitching in the country said...

Show her some of your stitching and tell her about them. Drop into the conversation the designers and brands of charts you like and explain why you like charts not kits. I'm sure you can be subtle enough for her to understand. As for what you've got. Why not exchange it on an exchange group for something you would like

Joysze said...

Hmm.... my first question would be to ask about your relationship with your MIL. Can you tell her about your preference without her taking offense? With my MIL, this is what I would say, "Thanks so much for the kits, mom. They're such beautiful designs and thanks for always thinking of me. Ok, so you know what I picky stitcher I am, right, so while I appreciate the love behind the gifts, I don't think I'll be able to put them to good use. Would you mind if send them to friends whom I know would love them? I usually like to kit my own projects are some of my fave place to go are xxxxx."

I've trained all the ppl in my life to ask me what I want. I always start with I"m too picky, so don't waste your money on something that'll just sit and gather dust. LOL!!!