Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nightshade and a new start

Late Friday night, I finished the 4th stitched page, page 17 of the chart, of Nightshade.  I really wasn't sure how her eye's would turn out and up close they don't look like much.  Step back or look at the picture and they didn't turn out too bad..

When I took this downstars to put away, I decided I was going to get fabric cut for the Heritage Sampler.  Turns out my scissors were dull and at almost 1 am, I wasn't in the mood to sharpen them and go back down to cut fabric.  So I marked where I needed to cut.  Do you know I cut fabric 48 inches long for this??  Holy cow!  My fabric was wide enough that I cut Daybreak out of the same width and it is only 42 inches long.

I've managed a little progress this weekend on The Heritage Sampler.  Yesterday was kind of a lost cause since my DH wanted to go buy lumber so I can build my youngest DS a new bed..  I stuck a couple pieces for another project in there too and still managed to not spend a lot of money on lumber.  Today, I've managed a little more.

One of the colors I picked didn't play so nice here so I spent some time digging through my HDF to find one I like better.  It isn't quite like the original, but I"m happy and that's what counts.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nightshade and stash enhancement

First up.  Here's my current WIP pic.  Nightshade has made some pretty good progress considering it's been a busy week and there is so much confetti.  I'm still debating on something though.  See her fingers?  There are four stitches that are supposed to be black there.  I haven't added them yet because I want to get the definition of her fingers.  What do you think?

Yesterday, it was my birthday so I did a little stash enhancement AND I was RAK'd.  Very excited about that one.

I bought 

There is a coupon code July25 for 25% off through July 27th!!

Love her!  I will be removing the yellow background when I stitch it though.

I have had a Chatelaine start talking to me.  Later tonight, I'm planning on pulling the kit or figuring out what I still need if it isn't kitted.

It's Chatelaine's Heritage Sampler.

I won't be using my ancestors on it though.  I think I'm going to do it as a family sampler with myself and my DH, the day we were married and the birthdays of our children.  I had it all worked out in my head.  Probably should write that down on the chart so I don't forget.

HAED had a sale over the 4th of July too.  I splurged a little there too because I really liked the chart.  And I bought it Supersized.  I might be a little crazy!

This is so not my normal colors and I really liked it.  

Until next time!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Finish #4

Yay!  I just finished 5 Little Pumpkins by The Cat's Whiskers!

Here's band 17

And the whole long, skinny piece.

When I put this in the drawer of finishes, I pulled out all my WIPs to choose which one is going to be making an appearance.  It appears I'm going to be staying with a Halloween theme as HAED's Nightshade came back upstairs with me.

Here's before!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Last night, I finished band 15 out of 17 on 5 Little Pumpkins.  When I started this band, I noticed that I had not followed the chart exactly for band 14.  At that point, I decided I wasn't going to rip it out.  It just makes mine unique.

Monday, July 6, 2015


I make lists.  Some of those lists take years to finish, but eventually they get there!!

Take my laundry room.  Painting the floor has been on my to do list for the last several years.  With rearranging the basement, I managed to get most of that done.  At this point I'm going to check it off.  I still need to get under the washer and dryer, but I have to figure out where my washer is leaking first.  Priorities, you know.

Another much more recent item on my to do list is to build storage in that space.  Thursday night, I finished it!  I'm still working on putting things away, so please don't judge my mess!

Friday, I didn't have to work, and with everybody else, I had lots of time on my hands.  So I made a trip to town, came back and went from this

to this

I'm slowly working on figuring out where I want to put stuff, but so far I love my peg board!  Remember, the hardware store isn't just for the outdoor workbench.  So much can be re-purposed to use for a craft space!

With just me and the beasts, I got lots of stitching time too.

Last week, 5 Little Pumpkins was here

6/28/15 band 7

7/1/15 band 8

7/2/15 band 9

moved the qsnaps - overall pic

7/3/15 band 10

7/3/15 band 11

7/4/15 band 12

7/4/15 band 13

moved the qsnaps - overall pic

7/5/15 band 14

I did start the next band last night, but it's another big one.  I'm hoping to finish this in the next week. 

Wish me luck!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Can I get a little cheese...

To go with my whine??  I'm only kind of kidding.  Actually I'm thankful it's only been in the 80s this weekend.  90s would have been almost intolerable.

This weekend was the 12U baseball tournament for the baseball league my oldest son plays in.  We started off Friday at 5.  It meant I had to leave work early to get him to the tournament site to warm up.  They lost their first game which meant they played an additional game at 8:30pm.  They won that game.  But, that shot our evening since we didn't get home until after 11pm.  Saturday morning, we had another game at 11:30am which meant we had to leave by 9:30 am and drive an hour so he could warm up with his team.  They won that game too and played again at 4:30pm.  We stopped at the store on the way home for some pizza and gatorade for the game today.  We had another game this morning.  If they had won, there was the possibility of 5 games today.  Those would have been some drop dead tired boys if that had worked out for them.  Peasonally, I'm glad it's done for another year.  I have sunburn to deal with.

This is my boy playing first base.

I did get some stitching done this weekend.  Especially during the break they had between games.  I've been working on 5 Little Pumpkins by The Cat's Whiskers again.  Here's where it was when I pulled it back out last week.

Band 3 on 6/24/15

Band 4 on 6/26/15

This one involved a little fudging.  I didn't have the Kreinik the chart called for or even a close approximation.  I think it called for 5510-Persimmon.  I used PB14 instead which is a bronze.  I think it works very nicely with the black silk and the purple rhodes stitch.  It kind of looks like antique pumpkin color.

Band 5 on 6/27/15

Band 6 on 6/28/15

and here's an overall pic since I had to move my qsnaps.

I also made some progress downstairs this week.

Digit (my feline helper) is checking out my work.  I had to pick up some more lumber to get beyond this point and I took care of that today.  I'm hoping to pick this back up later tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Page 1 - Her Private Garden

Late last night, I finished page one of Her Private Garden.  I thought about starting page 2 but decided to rotate to another WIP.

I was going through my WIPs Sunday when I knew a page finish was in my future.

Since I don't have a Chatelaine WIP right now, I pulled out 5 Little Pumpkins.  One of my goals this year is to finish this.

I hadn't really looked at these pictures together.  I think my fabric definitely tones down the orange in the original version.