Thursday, November 12, 2015

And the frog came to visit

For the last week or so, I've been working on Glory and Honor.  And making pretty good progress.  But last night I realized, it's a month and a half until the end of the year.  If I want to hit all my goals this year, I need to actually stitch on them.  So, Glory and Honor was pulled off the qsnaps and put up.  At least until Thanksgiving when I need a project for the car.  

Here's where I am now.

For some reason, I've had issues counting so there are at least three mistakes but that's what makes it unique, right?

After Glory and Honor was put away, I picked Loara back up and started working on the bits that weren't in the direct line of stitching.  That's when I realized, crap!  I goofed!

The blue on the right side should have lined up with the gold above it.  Obviously, it didn't.  This is what I get for only following part of the chart.  The chart for this band is divided into two parts.  The top part shows the entire band, the bottom part shows what stitches are supposed to be used and the color.  The probem is, it only shows the first rise and fall of the blue and what fills the inside.  I followed that part for all the rest of the band too.  Which got me this:

I'm going to keep working on this for now.  Hopefully, once I get going again, it will go quicker and I can start filling in the open spaces.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I don't know why but this week, I just haven't been able to settle down with just one project.  

Loara is still slowly making progress

I've wound bobbins for HAED's Sea Witch who will probably become my New Year's start

and I've started Glory and Honor again, this time for me.  I dyed fabric for my sitter's and mine at the same time in 2010 and mine has been waiting for me since.  Here's the finished version.  I framed it and it went to my sitter and has hung on her wall since.

and where mine is

Last night when I got home and went to check on my chickens, I found one of them dead.  I knew she wasn't feeling herself for the last week or so because she would be in the coop roosting when I would check on them but would come out when I opened it up to check on her.  We buried her under the trees.  It makes me sad to lose one.  They're so full of personality.  We'll miss you Blondie!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Loara, Earth Song and a new start

I'm slowly making progress on Loara.  I'm a little further than this picture from Saturday.  There's still a long way to go on this band but I am starting to get more comfortable with the stitches.

Two of the HAED groups on Facebook have a challenge running.  One is the regular HAED group and the other is the Supersize Group.  The challenge is stitching 100 stitches a week until November 28.  I figure I can manage that.  Saturday, Earth Song saw a little progress.  I'm pretty sure I added more than 100 stitches of black on that wolf.

And I started SS Daybreak.  So far that's just DMC 809 but a start is still a start and I got way more than 100 stitches done since I wanted to finish my length of thread.

Sunday, I also got all my skeins bobbined for HAED's Sea Witch which will probably end up being my New Year's start.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Master and Loara

Thank you for all the lovely comments and welcome to my new followers!

The Master has remained out and is making some pretty good progress.





Loara Standish has come upstairs.  Band 2 is my last goal this year.  I took her off the scroll bars she's been on and am trying my q-snaps instead.  If I can keep my cats from walking across her or laying on top of her we'll be good.  

It took me a good hour last night to figure out if the bronze vertical stitches were right and to figure out how to do the blue.  Once I got started, the blue wasn't too bad but the little bit I managed last night still took a good 20 minutes.



Monday, October 26, 2015

The Master





For now, he's still out and I made a little more progress than this.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lust, page 20 and The Master

Yesterday afternoon, I finished page 20 of Lust.  Finally!

After I put her away, I pulled out the Master since Yoda hasn't seen any love since 9/16/14 when I left him looking like this

Here's the progress made through this afternoon.

I've also been doing some bobbinating.

Daybreak is all kitted up and ready for a new start and I've brought HAED's Sea Witch and Unconventional XS's He Came With the Rain kits upstairs so they can be bobbinated too.

Sprinkle in some laundry and my weekend has been quietly uneventful.  Just like I like them!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Lust, continued

I was really hoping to get further on page 20 this week but life got in the way.  

My oldest son is playing 7th grade football this year.  They almost didn't have a team but managed to get enough interest from players friends that they have a very small team.  Unfortunately, several of the players haven't played football before so it's been an interesting season.  My son has had a blast.  He really likes to tackle and is very good at it.  I tell him it looks like if someone is within reach, he will take them down and it doesn't matter if they're bigger than he is or not.

My son is #41 with the red socks.

Today, my in-laws are driving up with a niece to watch him play tomorrow.  So the weekend was full of cleaning and room moving since we needed to get kid stuff out of the now guest room and into the former guest room now kid room.  I also had the "pleasure" of cleaning the main bathroom.  How can boys miss??

Lust did make some progress this week.  I'm hoping my next picture will be of a finished page 20!

The empty space on the left of the farthest stitching on this page is all DMC 154 so it shouldn't be bad.  On the right, the farthest edge of the page is just one more stitch from the right most edge of the stitching and just a few colors.  I've got my fingers crossed!  The Master and Loara want their share of attention this year!