Monday, April 29, 2013

Stitcher's ADD

After my last update at the in-laws, I moved my q-snaps to the stars and started on them.  I got bored of the white fairly quickly.  Then I discovered one of the stars had a mis-stitch that I was going to have to frog and restitch or it would bother me forever.  So, instead of fixing it and restitching, I put away for a bit.

I pulled out Dorothy and discovered that she was on a very similiar color fabric to One Nation and I really didn't want to stitch on it.  Put that away too.  Have I mentioned I usually take several projects when we go to the in-laws?  Then I pulled out Coat of Arms.  Haven't had this one out for a while.  I made a little progress while we sat outside watching the boys play.  Then on the way home Tuesday, I discovered that I can stitch over two on 28 ct just fine in the car, but over two on 36 ct was a challenge I wasn't up to.  So I put CoA back in my bag and pulled out Summer Knotgarden.

I'm done with part 3 and 4 on this corner.  Parts 5 and 6 should be fairly quick and I'll move onto the third side of this and some stars on One Nation.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seeing stars

I just finished page 8 so I jyst have 42 stars to go. Hopefully in the next day or so I can get them done.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One page and stars

I finished page 7 sitting in the car at baseball practice. In order to get a decent picture I had to spread it out over the hood of the car. Now there's page 8 and 42 stars to go.

Monday, April 15, 2013

One Nation update

I finished page 6 over the weekend which admittedly, was about half way done when I picked it back up, but a page finish is a page finish.

I've gotten the first two stripes on page 7 done with another almost there so I'll be back in a day or so with page 7.

See you then!

Conversion for The Pomarium Mandala

I've got conversions for a couple of the new beaded tiles too, but they're at home and I'm not right now.

Here's my conversion for The Pomarium Mandala:

DMC left as charted

Caron Waterlilies Silk
Emerald WL 065/na 700 - Popinjay 3309
Jade WL 066/na 505 - LE 2467/3139/3305
Celadon WL 067/na 3348 - LE Irish Moss
Antique Brass WL 085/na 3052 - Ex. Guilded Cage
Flamingo WL 095/na 3708 - OMG Red 1131
Cedar WL 136/na 3861 - Wattle & Daub

Dinky Dyes Silk
Lemon Lime DD 15/165 - Lemon Creme
Ruby DD 25/na3831 - Attar of Roses
Fuchia DD37/na 3608 - Dark Wisteria
Aquamarine DD43/na519 - Woad Blue 2405
Cobar DD 113/782 - Cerveza 4145
Gidgee DD 142/580 - Moss Agate 3421
Nashi DD 168/472 - Imperial Green 3325
Peacock DD 185/3814 - Gloss Green 3125
Matilda DD 201/500 - Jewelweed 3169
Mud Flat DD 203/3371 - Beseeded

Gloriana Silk
Tropical Sea GLO 019/958 - Deep Ocean
Velvet Night Sky GLO 023/820 - Zaffre Cobalt
Spanish Moss GLO 048/732 - Sea Wrack 3431
Rain Forest GLO 067/na - Ex. Salty Sea
Blue Hawaii GLO 078/3844 - Chrysocolla 2255
Elizabethan Green GLO 117/935 - Ex. Spinach Delight
Sable GLO 131/ma642 - Ex. Petty Fog
Holiday Blue GLO 136/na803 - Mermaid Blue 2325
Crimson GLO 149/na 815 - Gandy Dancer 1113
Avonlea Grean GLO 161/na3346 - Luteous Green 3255
Olivine GLO 206/na936 - Imperial Green 3335
Deep Blue Sea GLO 017/3808 - Indigo Ocean

Gloriana Princess Perle Petit
Royal Plum PPP 187/na 154 - Ultra Maroon 1455 Premium

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Late last night, I finished all the stitching and got all the Delicas sewn on.  But I had to work this morning, so I had to call it quits and go to bed.  This morning, my youngest DS was running a temp.  So, he went back to bed, the oldest got on the bus and momma got to finish Deep Blue Sea!  Yay!

Here's part 12

Here's the whole thing, cat hair and all.

Stitched on 28 ct black Monaco
all silks converted to HDF

I did make a few changes since I stitched on black.  The red fish in parts 5-8 were back stitched in DMC 902.  I backstitched the other fish in part 5 in DMC 3838, in part 6 in HDF Chrysocolla 2255 which is what I converted Gloriana Blue Hawaii to, in part 7 DMC 725, in part 8 I used DMC 3813.

In part 9, I back stitched the seahorses with DMC 501.  In part 10, I used DMC 435.  In part 11, DMC 3862 and in part 12, Primitive Barn Olive which I converted from Caron Waterlilies Pesto.


Friday, April 5, 2013

On the downhill slide...

Late last night, I finished part 11 of Deep Blue Sea.  Just part 12, a couple of stitches into each of those clams from part 3 or 4 and the cubes and bicones.  I'm hoping to be able to share a finish in the next week or so.