Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wipacolypse September

Another Wipacolypse post.  Where has this year gone??

My first update is for 1900 ABC.  September has seen lots of progress on this piece.  The last time it saw the light of day I was somewhere in the middle of page 11.  This picture is through page 15.  There's only 9 pages to go!

Then there's Deep Blue Sea.  It hasn't been out for a while either.  But I pulled it out last night after putting 1900 ABC away for a bit, and this is the progress I made while watching the Huskers win.  GBR!

I'm hoping to get this bit of seaweed done tonight and start on the frame going around the whole part.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1900 ABC again

Are you all tired of seeing this one yet?  I'm still stitching away on it and here's my result.  Page 13 is finally done.  I say finally because the frogs attacked with a vengeance.  Both the bottom E and I were stitched twice as was that leafy border just above the bottom row of letters.  You'd think as an accountant I would know how to count.  Sure couldn't tell it with this page.

There's a quarter in the picture to give some perspective of how big it is.

Now, I need to go put it back on the q-snaps and start Star Trek Voyager back up for a little while before I go off to bed.

Night all!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IHSW - September

I know I'm a day late.  But, in my defense, I was stitching away on my 1900 Abecedaire and realized it was almost 1am this morning.  Oops.  Not  a good thing when I have to be up at 6am.  But, I've survived and I finished page 12!  Thankfully it was a skinny page or a page finish would not have happened.  

I'm halfway though this giant sampler!!  I'm going to have to stick a quarter somewhere on this monster so you can get a feel for just how big it is now and how big it's going to be when it's done.

For now, I'm going to stick with this one until something else starts calling.  Right now, that's not happening so maybe in a few days, you'll see page 13.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I think my mojo's on vacation

Last week, I finished the first corner of Chatelaine's Summer Knotgarden.  I'm really enjoying working on it and I've been getting lots of time during football practices for both boys, but after I moved the q-snaps and finished a couple of threads, I didn't want to work on it.  

For a couple of nights, I read a couple of books.  I read really fast so I'm forever thankful for the free books Amazon offers for my Kindle!  

When I got tired of just looking at Summer Knotgarden and Lust and having no interest in either of them, I decided to go pull another WIP out of the drawer and give it a try.  Thus, 1900 ABC saw the light of day for the first time since April.  I've finished page 11 and now I'm going to go pull page 12 out and see if I can't get it finished by the end of my weekend.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wipocalypse update!

I just realized it's been a couple of weeks since my last update.  Sorry about that.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Since it was a three day weekend here in the States, I talked DH into making a trip to Menards since we were going to Sam's Club anyway.  It's only two ginormous buildings away!  I spent about $50 in lumber and a new can of stain and here's the result.  I now have a coffee table!  It's big but I have a pretty good sized space for it.  I stained it just this morning.  (It's nice to be able to play hookey since the boys don't have school today!)  You can get the plans here and build your very own!  It's modeled off the Apple store tables and is very sturdy!

That $50 also included lumber to build an end table.  I've been using a little stool and it just isn't big enough and doesn't have any storage.  This is another Ana White plan and you can find the plans here.  I shortened mine by about 10 inches from the plan.  It had to fit my space!  I just need to see what kind of baskets I've got and I'll be able to hide all kinds of stuff under there!

Ok.  Stitching stuff.  That's why you're here right?  Last week saw Window I again.  I've finished part 13.  Just three more parts to go and it will be finished.  I could finish it since the top is the same as the bottom, just reversed, so I could finish it, but all the straight lines get to me after a while.

And finally, here's Summer Knotgarden.  I'm going to go stitch the other butterfly on the right in a bit, get the jessicas done and get some beads on this bad boy before I move back to part 3 that isn't finished yet.  I'm hoping to get that done today and move the q-snaps to the right side.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Vacation pics

As you can tell from my title, I'm going to share some pictures from our vacation last month.  The first two are from the top of Capulan Volcano.

The scene from our cabin the first night we were there.


So tame!  If my DH had had some bread, he might have managed to make friends.

There were about a half dozen of these guys running around.  They were very people friendly and would eat right out of your hand.  One even crawled into my MIL's lap looking for more food!

The Rio Grand gorge just north of Taos

I believe this is Wheeler Peak.  DH and I climbed it before we had children.  This is the mountain that made me tell him never, ever again!

Dinosaur tracks.  They're defiantly more weathered than the last time we were there.  It was interesting being able to see them though.

Stitchy update to come soon!  Gotta take a couple of pictures!