Monday, May 27, 2013

Dorothy's back

The last time we saw Dorothy, she looked like this.

Since finishing One Nation, I've made a little bit of progress.  But it doesn't seem like a lot.  I guess, I've finished the border on the right to the end of the page and the last two rows of alphabet the the herringbone stitch , so I have been making some pretty decent progress.  

I'm hoping to finish up the over one verse and get a good bit of the eyelets done today.  But there's laundry to finish and a chicken coop to get started on too.  If the weather cooperates and stops raining, we're supposed to have baseball practice this afternoon too.

Monday, May 20, 2013

One Nation

Obviously, I haven't ironed it and probably won't since pinning and lacing will take care of the wrinkles, but I wanted to share One Nation finished!  This one is three years in the making almost to the day!

Now, I think some Dorothy Walpole is in order since I haven't visited with her for a couple of months.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just a few stars

to go.  This is from Tuesday night at one of my kids baseball games.  They both played so there was lots of time to stitch!

This morning, before it started to rain off and on all day, Jakob and I put up a dog run we bought yesterday. The panels are 10 feet long so once I get some other kind of coop up, they will have lots more room since I'm planning on a raised coop so the ground underneath it is available for them too.  

Then, before I started stitching today, I took another picture of One Nation.  Here there are 12 stars to finish.  Right now, I have nine left.  Of course I have to add the blue to each star but that's only four stitches per star.  Just a couple more hours right?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chickens and Baseball

Hey all!  Hope everybody had a happy Mother's Day!  We went out to my Mom's to help her do some more work at her house.  We also got to see the new house.  She's moving back to my hometown hopefully by the end of the year.  The new house was built in 1993 and it's pretty obvious that it hasn't really been updated since then.  Yikes!

We did bring back a few things.  Here's the biggest.  Dad built the coop last year sometime and it wasn't being used.  AND we thinned Mom's flock a little.  There are 5 laying hens in there.  Turns out it wasn't enough to keep the dog out though.  She managed to get one of the hens last night so my more permanent solution is going to have to be figured out sooner rather than sometime this summer.

Here's the first egg just hours after being set up!

We've also been busy with baseball.  Practice started in April with games starting last week.  

8 and under game

10 and under game

I have been making some progress though.  One Nation has mostly been out at work over lunch.  I have finished the star that was in progress here.  

The Master has seen a little progress.  When we've gotten home from ball practice all I want to do is get the boys to bed and read for a little while until I go to bed.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I used to be a OAATer

 Once upon a time, several years ago, I used to stitch projects one at a time and my stash wasn't threatening to take over my basement.  I'm only kidding, I think, but wow!  What a difference 6 years makes!

So lets' take a look see at this week's progress, shall we?  First up...Summer Knotgarden.  I finished the second corner.  I thought about just moving the q-snaps and starting on the third, but I don't want to burn out on Chatelaines and interrupt my progress on my current WIPs.  Especially since there's only this one and Watergarden.

For variety, I pulled out One Nation and corrected the star that I stitched wrong previously and made some progress on a couple more stars.  It even went to baseball practice with me tonight.

A week or so ago, I read a blog, that of course I can't find now so I can link to it, that had a chart from a company that I hadn't heard of before.  Tilton Crafts converts art work to cross stitch similarly to Heaven and Earth Designs  Tilton's big draw for me was a new release called The Master.

I was in love.  Since, at the time, there was a buy 2 get 1 sale, I had to pick out two other charts.  This is the one I had to have though!  During the course of last week,  I got the chart and printed off my floss list, dug through my floss boxes to see what I had and made a trip to Hobby Lobby for what I didn't have so I could start.  While I was downstairs doing laundry today, I zig zagged my fabric for a new start. I haven't been interested in a new start so far this year.  I mean, I've finished three projects and am so close on two more.  Why do I need a new start.  But, I guess Master Yoda was using the force cause I started tonight.  Here's where I'm at with under an hour into it.

stitched on Antique white 28 ct Monaco 1x1

Now, I'm going to go pull another color and get another half hour into it before bed.