Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Spring

Ahhh.  It's almost midnight again and about the only time of day when the house is quiet.  I don't have boys of the small variety or their larger variations wanting something from me.  I have time to stitch and to post pictures on the internet...of the stitchy variety.

Loved the blackwork!

Now, I've been working on Frosty Knotgarden again.  I have another corner with the dang roses finished and I've started on another side of repeats.  Maybe I'll get one done before I get bored of repeats again.

Conversions, take 2

I meant to put Frosty Knotgarden on my last post.  But the phone rang, and I spaced it...Sorry.

Frosty Knotgarden was one of the first Chatelaines I started converting some of the silks to HDF  Obviously, since then I've gotten braver at converting the fibers and I've saved the money I would have spent on the charted silks to buy more stash!!

Vikki's (the owner of HDF) conversions to Gloriana are really good.  Thus, those are the silks I started converting first and those are the only silks on Frosty that I converted.

Spanish Moss GLO 048 - Kail Slaw
Cobblestone GLO 126 - Lt. French Artichoke
Sage GLO 150 - Mountain Shadow

Now I'm going to work on those blasted roses on the corner of Frosty for a little while, then go back to work.



I can't post an update pic of Spring Knotgarden yet since I seem to have left the camera cord at home, but I thought I would share my conversion from the charted colors to HDF.

I left all the DMC alone. 

Sea Moss WL 128 - Steelies 2447
Frangipani WL 187 - Attar of Roses 1221
Iris WL 209 - Dark Wisteria

Edmar Rayon Iris
IR 311 - Dragon Claw

Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors
Dark Forest SNC 089 -Old Maid of the Forest
Golden Pines SNC 181 - Befrogged (I happened to have a little golden pines, this is really close)
Young Asparagus SNC 251 - Victorian Mint
Marsh Grasses SNC 252 - Cactus (this is an old color that is no longer available.  It was a custom color (3165/3151 thru the mini forum at HDF)

Winter Brook GLO 071 - Examplar Salty Sea

Thread Gatherer Silk Perle
Meadowgrass SP 10 975 - Underbelly (premium silk)

Dinky Dye Silk perle
Mint Ice DD P 008 - Mermaid Blue 2309 (Premium silk)

Dinky Dyes Silk
Lemon Sherbet DD 12 - Lt. French Artichoke

Hopefully pictures will be coming tonight!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spring Knotgarden

Wow!  You don't know how good you've got it till you go somewhere it's worse.  The heat index here in Southeast Nebraska has been 110+ for the last week or more.  Wednesday, we headed to Oklahoma with a short layover in Wichita Kansas.  It was still hot there but it was after 9 when we got there.  Thursday, we went to Stillwater Oklahoma and tracked down an airplane that Ed wanted to get pictures of so he knew how to paint a model.  Yes, he is that kind of geek.  We also ate at Eskimo Joes and purchased the obligatory tee shirts at their store.  By the time we walked out of the restaurant it was over 100 degrees.  But it's a dry heat...yea right.  That doesn't turn me into a sweat ball any slower.

We eventually made it to Ed's folks' house.  But we were hardly there.  Between going to the "farm" so the grown up boys could play and going to Ed's sister to visit her pool so the littler boys could play, I know exactly how hot it is there and I did my best to hide from the heat in the a/c.  I mean really, when you're sitting in the shade not doing anything but a little stitching, should you have sweat just streaming down the small of your back?  I don't think so.

But we survived and have arrived home.  Now I have loads and loads of laundry to catch up on during the week.  But before I start that, here is a picture of Chatelaine's Spring Knotgarden through part 2.  I am 3/4 of the way through part 3 but didn't want to deal with moving the q-snaps with limited room going down a bumpy 2 lane highway.

Part three will probably be shown tomorrow. 

Now, time to go throw a pizza in the oven for supper and go face down those loads of laundry and move the q-snaps!

Monday, July 11, 2011


We've finally reached the end of the baseball season.  This is Jakob on 3rd base in his last game this season.  I broke down and bought him a baseball pants that actually fit him along with some black sport socks to he could look like one of the big kids playing ball.  He looks really tall and skinny and is growing up too darn fast!
I pulled Lust off the qsnaps Sunday afternoon.  I'm just a few hundred stitches past half way on this page.  Next time I pull her out, I should be able to finish this page and start the last two in this row.  I really like how realistic the waterfall is starting to look.
Tonight I finished Friendship Heart through the Sticklounge group.  I don't know how this one will be finished, but at this point I'm assuming in a frame on the wall.  For now, it is put away.  I have pulled the next Sticklounge project.  But I've only got a few stitches in it.  Not nearly enough for a picture.
This weekend was really hot and humid.  Perfect weather for building furniture!  Not.  I tried to get the parts I wanted to done in the morning when you would think it would be cooler.  Didn't quite work out that way.  All weekend, if you walked outside, it felt like you were walking into a blast furnace, but more humid.  YUCK! 

Anyway, Saturday, I finished cutting my lumber to so everything matched up and had some help staining it.  These are stained in Cherry.  Sunday, Ed helped me to drill the pocket holes and put them together.  Then I got the dubious pleasure of painting on polyurethane in the sunshine...while sweating buckets.  I won't share a picture of that because I don't have one and that would just be gross.

Here's Jakob's new bookcase.
And here's Joshua's.  His room is a little messier because he's got most of the toys, but hopefully, we'll be able to get a better handle on them now that we have some more storage!

Once the weather cooperates a little more and cools down, I'll be heading to the lumberyard to pick up some lumber to build this  I have an old desk in my office that I started stripping down before the tornado in 04.  Right now it has lots of stuff just piled on top.  I would dearly love to be able to get organized in there with that cabinet and a new desk and the desk that everything is piled on would be refinished and given to Jakob so he has a place to study.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Long weekend!

Since it is the 4th of July weekend here, we get a 3 day weekend.  We've been taking it easy, but the boys and I did go to see Transformers 3 in 3D this morning.  It was an 11:45 showing which I thought would be way more packed than it was.  I guess all the people who are going to go today are planning on later?  Anyway, it was our first 3D movie and all three of us enjoyed it.

I've also changed the project I've been stitching...sorry Joyce!  I didn't want to get burnt out on repeats on a Chatelaine, so Frosty Knotgarden got put away for now.  Lust has made a reappearance instead. 

This is where I left her when she got put away in April and this is where I am right now...

I've made some pretty good progress since Tuesday and hope to hit the mid page point before I have to go back to work Tuesday.

Have a safe and happy 4th!