Monday, June 15, 2015


Thanks for your comments on last week's post.  I really appreciate it.  At least it doesn't feel like I'm sitting in the corner talking to myself, lol!

Since we didn't have any baseball happening this weekend, we hung around the house.  I didn't get as much done in the basement as I would have liked but I'm usually overly optimistic.  I did get two dressers moved.  When I was sweeping the floor, I decided it was the perfect time to paint it since I already had the space cleared.  That way I only have to move stuff once when I put it back on the painted floor.  I need to check baseball schedules for tomorrow, but if there's no ball tomorrow, we may be loading the car tonight with stuff for donation and make a trip on our way out of town.  

My Mom also stopped by since she'd picked up beef for us.  We got that unloaded and put away and admired quilts she'd made for me and the boys.  Still gotta take some pictures of those.  And, she brought me a Kitchen Aid mixer that she said she'd gotten a really good deal on.  I have wished for one for years but they're generally out of my price range.  My old mixer will definitely be in the donate pile!

On  the stitching front, I've made it about half way down page one.  There are some larger blocks of single colors to come so I'm hoping they stitch up faster.


Heather said...

Good progress :)

~Narita said...

Its looking very good! I've been plodding away on one of my Heaven and Earth charts, as well. :)