Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wipacolypse - April and spring!

Hi guys!  I've been a busy stitcher in the last week.  After I finished page 9 of 1900 ABC, I pulled out page 4 of Coat of Arms sampler and I've finished that.

Then, I pulled Deep Blue Sea back out.  I don't know why I had problems getting started with part 3, but I just wasn't feeling it last month.  




and West

I don't know if it's spring time where you are, but spring has certainly arrived here.  We're about 4 weeks ahead of where we're supposed to be.  I took some pictures to show some of my spring time pretties.

Here's Lily of the Valley.  I think this is the first time in 8 years that it's actually bloomed.

Columbine.  This stuff survived a tornado and has spread.  

Pretty Tulips.  I didn't plant these, but this year I have 2 plants instead of just 1 I've had since 2000 when we bought the house.

And my very favorites Lilac.  I bought 4 bushes at the end of the season in 2005 to screen the dog kennel.  They've grown up and filled in and right now smell absolutely wonderful.  These are hands down my favorite spring time flower.

This year I've decided to plant a bed of lavendar.  DH isn't too enthuastic but since I've had all the utilities come out and spray where their lines are, he's willing to till up a big patch right behind the house.

Now, I've fixed my printer aka broke down and bought Dell ink, part 4 of Deep Blue Sea has been printed off and is ready to go.  Only problem is black DMC is really hard to see on black fabric.  There are oysters that have black in them and are backstitched in black.  I'm thinking of using some silver PTB instead.  I'll keep you posted on how that turns out!

Later...I've got to go stick my nose in some lilac!


Lea said...

Congrats on the progress. I like the green you're using for the coat of arm.

Yvon (jioya) said...

Great progress and thank you for the photo's of your garden.
My Lily of the valley is almost starting to bloom and i love your Lilac.

Hugs Yvon.

Joysze said...

Have I really been away from your blog this long?????? How did I miss these pics??? They're glorious!!

When your lavender blooms.... take extra whiffs for me.