Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ho hum kind of day

We had some excitement yesterday.  The weather man was putting the mid west in high threat severe weather all day yesterday and into the evening.  Thankfully, we didn't see anything worse than thunderstorms though lots of people did.  As far as I've heard today, no one was injured or killed.  All their "stuff" can be replaced.  Experience talking here folks.

After finishing part 4 of Deep Blue Sea, I pulled Spring Knotgarden back out.  The last time I worked on it, I have finished half of a corner of part 5.  It's not much, but it's progress.  Saturday, I finished the other half of that corner.  Leaving me with this

Then I pulled Chelsea's Gift out for a little while which turned into this afternoon before I put it down.  I'm making pretty good progress every time I work on it.  There is just a huge amount of confetti here.

Then out came Lust.  I put in a couple of strands this afternoon, but I can't seem to get into her again.  I thought if I worked on a block of solid color, I would have an easier go but nothing.  I would like nothing more than to see another page stitched but I guess it's not going to happen...for now.

So, Spring Knotgarden is back and I'm working on part 6 of that same corner which is going well.  With any luck, I'll see part 6 for this corner done and I'll move onto the next corner this week.  


Melissa said...

Your stitching is lovely! I have to say spring knot garden is looking great - SO BEAUTIFUL and unique too. I love it. Happy Stitching and stay safe - thankfully i've never had to witness a tornado but they have got to be terrifying.

Diane (di) said...

Sarah, all three of these WIPs are simply stunning... but Spring Knotgarden and Lust? Jaw-dropping. I enlarged SK and it is sooo delicate and pretty. The colors in Lust are beautiful! Love!!

Joysze said...

I like where you left Lust..... with cleavage showing.... LOL!!!