Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And then there were four.

Thankfully, part 4 of Deep Blue Sea didn't take very long to stitch up.

In the upper right corner and lower left corner are the beads I picked up last weekend for the oysters.  Right now I'm leaning towards the last bead in the string in the upper right.  They're kind of silvery and I like the look.  That could change between now and when they actually get attached though.


Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your Deep Blue Sea WIP is just beautiful!

Veronica said...

Deep Blue Sea is just stunning! I think the silver pearls would work real well.


Joysze said...

Oh man, Sarah!! Jawdropping!!!!!! Hmm... I love all those beads. I'd have a hard time picking out which color and end up using them all. ROFL!!!!