Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hey all!  Not much has been happening around here.  Temps have been really weird for the end of March and early April.  My crocus and Hyacinth are already done blooming.  My lilac has just started blooming and smells wonderful!  My tulips are about done and I just noticed today that my lily of the valley has little blossoms and my columbine is going to start blooming soon.

Yesterday, the we went to Earl May and Walmart on our annual quest for seeds.  I've decided I'm going to plant a huge bed of lavender right behind the house with a couple other kinds of flowers just because.  I'm also going to plant some stargazer lily bulbs in there too.  Those are the flowers I used in my wedding so are a little sentimental.  DH doesn't like them so much though.  They really bother his allergies!  

Tonight I finished page 9 of 1900 ABC.  I could have pulled out page 10, but I decided to finish page 4 of the Coat of Arms sampler first.

I tried to print off some of the new Chatelaine pages today, but my printer doesn't like my color ink cartridge.  I got several pages out of it then it mysteriously became an unsupported cartridge.  I've sent an e-mail to the store I got it from.. 

Do you guys buy brand new ink cartridges from the manufacturer or do you buy refilled and reconditioned cartridges like I tend to do?  Where do you get yours from?


Ginger said...

Personally, I buy new cartridges because the quality of the print tends to be better and there is less likelyhood of a mess to clean up in the printer. I get mine at Staples and recycle (for folks like you) the old/dead cartridges.

Mine is a personal preference and not necessarily the right one for everyone. I like sharp images so my eyes have to work a little less! :-)

In this case, you may simply need to take the cartridge out and gently wipe off the little circuit board as it might be dirty. It might also be damaged, so be prepared to simply throw it away.

Have a great week, I love reading your blog.

Joysze said...

I love the smell of lavender!! Do take pics of your bed when it's growing. :D

Sampler is getting bigger and looking great, as usual.

When we had a printer at home, we always bought new cartridges....