Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Letter S

Thanks for all the great comments!  They can really brighten a girl's day or make her smile after planting trees and potatoes :)

This afternoon, since I left work about 1:30pm since all I was doing anyway was surfing the internet, I came home and finished my letter S.  It's stitched with a custom Woad combo (2407/11/15) from HDF from early last year.  I seem to have a thing for the Woads and this came out great.  It even plays really well with the fabric that will line the box.  I'm thinking of staining the box in ebony.  Any thoughts?  Comments?

Now, I've got supper to get into boys so they can get into the shower so I can sit down with Window!



Anne said...

Ooooh, Ebony sounds amazing!! I think it will make the L pop!!

Meari said...

It looks great. I've never seen ebony stain. Could you post a pic?

Joysze said...

Potatoes.... YUM!!!! You HAVE to post pics of them when they're grown, k?

Ebony.... would metal decorations get lost in ebony paint? I agree with Anne that the blue will pop on the black.