Monday, January 30, 2012

Chelsea's Gift, Adriana and Deep Blue Sea

I got lots of stitching in this week.  
After I finished part 4 of Adriana and while I waited for part 5, I pulled out my block for Chelsea's gift.  This is one block out of 20 for this chart from HAED.  It's being tent stitched on 25 ct Lugana.  I've tried tenting before but didn't really care for it.  This time around I've discovered that while tenting is much faster than completing each little x, I have problems with my counting.  At least more trouble than normal, lol!  

Anyway, I got this far by Thursday night.  Before was only a couple hundred stitches.  It seemed like half of those had to come out though since I had miscounted.  

When this comes back out in mid February, I'm looking forward to some of the bright colors in this piece.


Then to take a break from the tenting, I pulled Adriana back out.  I finished part 5 this afternoon.  Would have been done sooner but almost everything in this part has some kind of backstitching.  It definately makes those edges sharper against the fabric though.

 Lastly, by not least, comes Deep Blue Sea again.  Martina released part two today and I printed it off as soon as I saw it.  This is the top edge complete.  From here to the right edge are little over 1 starfish and some beading.  I'm hoping to be able to have this whole part done by the end of the week.  

Wish me luck!



Andie said...

Everything is looking fab! I'm jealous of your DBS part! I've hurt my thumb and haven't stitched for two days.... getting better though so hopefully tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing more :D

Joysze said...

Sarah, just 1 more part to go for Adriana. I'm so excited!!!! :D

DBS looks sooooo fantastic. Good luck with finishing it this week.... you can do it. :D

Nice start on HAED. I can't tent either... just feels unfinished to me. :S

Patches said...

Great stitching