Sunday, January 15, 2012

Deep Blue Sea

Since I've had a fairly quiet weekend I've managed to finish part one of Deep Blue Sea.  Since the next part doesn't come out for two more weeks, I'm going to pull Adriana back out so it can get some love and creep closer to what will probably be my first finish of 2012.

I've been thinking about the Sticklounge group.  I've been stitching a lot of with them which interferes with all my other WIPs.  I'm thinking I'm going to back off on the number of pieces I stitch with them.  I've got two large WIPs with them that will keep my membership current so I can concentrate on some finishes!



mdgtjulie said...

It's lovely Sarah. I like all the shades of blue in it!

Andie said...

Looks fantastic Sarah! Now I need to get on with mine.... :D

Lea said...

Looking good.

leeni1176 said...

Love it Sarah..the colors are to die for.

Patches said...


Joysze said...

Sarah, that looks amazing!!!

YEAH, Adriana. I love Adriana. :D Does Sticklounge have a minimum number of pieces you HAVE to do?

DOUBLE YEAH on finishes!!!!