Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow and Deep Blue Sea


Sorry about the pic but I uploaded it from my phone.  Don't know how to flip it.  This is how much snow we woke up to Saturday morning.  Wow!  Wet and heavy which ended up causing power outages.  Brrr!!

 Here's a pic of DH trying to clear the driveway so he could go to work this morning.  Just for reference...he's about 6'1" tall.

Last night I did finish part 2 of Deep Blue Sea.  Those little red star fish just pop on the black!


Andie said...

Wow Sarah! That snow is amazing (to me who doesn't have to live with it/cope with it)
Your DBS looks fantastic! How did you get your shells to look so good? I spent ages trying to sort mine and to tell you the truth they look better underneath! lol

Patches said...

Live deep blue sea

Joysze said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah!!! I love the snow, but not that much. Well, I love it in your pics, how's that? LOL!!!

DBS looks amazing!!! Those reds on the black is.... like.... WOW!!!!

Valentina said...

Here in Italy we're covered in snow too! Love your progress on Deep Blue Sea.