Monday, August 2, 2010

Yeah for pictures!!
Frosty Knotgarden. This is through part 3 which brings it current. The next part comes out September 1
This is one of the SALs I'm participating in with the Sticklounge group on yahoogroups. This is the Debbie Draper mystery. I think it is actually called the Topiary Garden
Here's Zentangle 2 through part 9. There's a pair of scissors in the middle that are being stitched in the silver and gold PTB left over from Chatelaine's MM5. Thanks again, Ineke!
Now, I'm trying to decide what is coming with me when we go visit the inlaws later this week. I'm thinking Chatelaine's Caribbean and Bygone Stitches One Nation. I thought about breaking Lust out of her box, but stitching on higher count fabrics is more difficult than it's worth on the highway and interstate in Kansas.
I've been naughty. Yesterday, I dyed a piece of fabric in a light blue for a new start. With any luck, I should have another update before we leave.

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