Sunday, August 22, 2010


I had to share this picture. The smaller bacon wrapped bundles are cream cheesefilled red jalapenos and the larger ones are cream cheese filled red poblanos. The peppers are all fresh from the garden and were soooo yummy when we grilled them with our steaks.
This has been today's project. Jakob and I brought in another 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes this morning and I'm currently canning pizza sauce from a recipe I found online. I thought it was kind of sweet, but Jakob thought it was really good. I hope so, we're getting 15 pints of sauce from that 5 gallon bucket!

This is Caribbean when I took it off the q-snaps a little while ago. I've barely touched it all day and I have had the time. Instead I've been stitching on 1900 Abecedaire.
This is 1900 Abecedaire. I've only been stitching on it for a couple of hours. This border is pretty mindless so I've had to frog once but should be pretty easy to continue. I'm stitching it with the Sticklounge group, but the chart was offered as a freebie so I've got all the parts if I can't keep up with the group.

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