Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well, we just got back from Oklahoma. We arrived to 99 degree temps. It could be worse! It was 107+ in Oklahoma yesterday!

While we were there, I spent lots of time stitching cause it was just too hot to go outside.

Here's Summer Knotgarden that I started last week after finishing Frosty Knotgarden part 3

I have the Delicas stitched on but the bigger stuff will have to be added later.

After I finished that Saturday morning, I moved onto the Debbie Draper Topiary Garden that was designed for the Sticklounge yahoo group.

Then I moved onto Zentangle from the same group. I'm in the middle of page 12 and I'm hoping to be done with that tonight or tomorrow. The group has only released page 14 as of last week so I'm almost caught up! After I submit my wip through part 12 I'm moving to Caribbean. I would like to have it finished yet this year.

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Ineke said...

It must feel great to have so much stitching time!
Your Summer Knotgarden is beautiful. What a coincidence we both changed the strands for the grasses. How would it look like with two strand grasses? Perhaps we'll see it sometime on the message board.