Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016, review

This shows my progress for 2016.  Some of my projects didn't get any attention and I hope to change that in 2017.  Others saw lots of progress and I even managed some finishes.  

I started 2016 with 13 WIPs.  I had 9 new starts, 5 finishes and ended 2016 with 17 WIPs.

I hope you enjoy seeing my progress as much as I do.

Sea Witch by HAED
started 1/1/16
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
goal:  page 1

Goal met!
page 1 finished 1/23/16

started 11/4/15
Glory and Honor (second time)
2x2 full x 28 ct Monaco
goal:  finish

Goal met!

Coat of Arms
started 3/12/12
1x1 full x 40 ct from HDF
goal:  finish next row of pages

goal met!

Chatelaine's Medieval Octagon
started 1/27/16

finished 5/1/16

HAED's Nightshade
started 10/31/13
1x1 full x 28 ct Monaco
goal:  finish 5th stitched page

goal met 5/18/16

started 7/25/15
Chatelaine's The Heritage Sampler
2x2 28 ct Monaco
goal:  finish row

goal met 7/9/16

started 5/10/15
Eclectic Bloke Designs Warrior Alice
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
goal:  pages 2-3

pages 1-2

Love Thy Thread
Lonliness of Autumn
started 9/6/14
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
goal:  pages 3-4

goal met 10/26/16

started  10/1/09
1x1 full x 28 ct Monaco
goal:  finish pages 21-22

page 21 9/12/16

Earth Song
started 3/2009
1x1 full x 25 ct Lugana
goal:  finish column - one full page, one partial

Loara Standish
started 1/1/13
1x3 50 ct Kingston
goal:  finish third and fourth bands

The Master (Tilton Crafts)
started 5/5/13
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
goal:  finish pages 2-3

Goal met 10/1/16

started 4/11/15
DMC 16 Color SAL
1x1 full x 40 ct from HDF
goal:  finish!

started 6/1/15
HAED's Her Private Garden
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
goal:  page 2

started 10/31/15
HAED's SS Daybreak
2x1 tent 28 ct Monaco
goal:  finish page 2


New start! 5/30/16
Star Spangled Banner by Northern Expressions Needlework

New start!  7/31/16
Chatelaine's Hawaiian Mandala

New Start!
Tilton's Feathers in the Wind
Started 10/1/16

page 1 finished 10/17/16

New Start!
Satsuma Street Designs Halloween Cat
started 10/29/16

Finished 11/20/16

New Start!
Nora Corbet's Zenia
Started 11/20/16

finished 12/7/16

New Start!
A Stitcher's Heart by Sekas & Co.

Finished!  12/11/16

New start!
Woodland Wonder by Glendon Place
started 11/21/16

I'd hoped for a finish of this one too but that finish was elusive, even with a week off work.  Next year!


Rebekah said...

Wow what beautiful pieces. Good luck in the new year on all your stitching projects

Shebafudge said...

Oh my word. Fabulous progress on these gorgeous projects. I was practically drooling as I scrolled down. xx

Heather said...

Congratulations on so many gorgeous projects! You met so many of your goals!

The Crafty Princess said...

You're amazing! Wow you accomplished so much in the year. Great job stunner you should be very proud of your progress. Always great to get some finishes in too. Zenia is my fav of your finishes, she looks incredible on that fabric. I love all your wips, but Master and Loneliness of Autumn are the 2 standouts in my opinion. Well done honey. You're a star.

Happy stitching for 2017
xo Alicia