Monday, December 28, 2015

Progress on Loara

I'm still making slow progress on Loara.  Last night I finished the blue in band two.  Finally!

Tonight, I hope to add the brown stems (?) and some of the leaves.  I'm still hoping to finish this band by the end of the year.

This weekend, I also bobbined thread for Mourning for Icarus

Yesterday, I picked up the few colors I was missing while we were in town to see Star Wars.  I enjoyed the movie.  Has anybody else seen it?  Opinions?  I think it went back to the more of the feel of the original series.  

When I put the kit for Icarus away, I pulled out Evolutionistic which also needs to be bobbined.

I haven't cut fabric for these two yet, but they are moving up the list a bit.


Heather said...

I saw it I loved it! Totally agree :). Lovely stitching and great new projects

Shebafudge said...

I can't wait to see progress on the bottom design - that's stunning!

Happy New Year!