Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Window again

Last night, I finished page 15 of Window.  Now, it's just page 16 and the center.  I'm still debating the color for the center.  I pulled some silks this morning to see if any of them will work.  There's a dark red/black combo that may work or I grabbed a bunch of browns and one called Embers for something a little different.  Don't know if it will work or not, but I thought it would be interesting and I would take a look see.

Sticklounge has a new project starting December 1 that I've signed up for.  I really, really, really, want to get Window finished up first though.  The new project is Iris by Von Nolda von Hezewijk.  For some reason I love these art nouveau designs.  Ever since i stitched Adraina B from the same artist.

This style of design makes me think I should pull Ink Circles - Love Letters and Chatelaine's Art Nouveau Sampler out for a new start next year.



Nicola said...


I have seen your post but you are a no reply blogger. Can you email me your email address and I will set you up for the challenge.

Patches said...

Love window