Sunday, November 18, 2012

IHSW November

So, my husband left early for Thanksgiving.  He left yesterday morning with a 6 hour drive.  The kids and I are planning on following later this week because of work and school.  One would think that with him gone, I would have loads of stitching time.  Today, has been ok but yesterday, the boys and I went into town for groceries and a stop at Hobby Lobby.  We got some fabrics for a doll quilt and some other not so necessary necessities.  

I don't think I've mentioned that I've been planning on building a doll bed for our niece.  She's the only girl so I've got to bring out by girly side somewhere.  Anyway, using these plans I'm building a doll bed.  When I went out to see what kind of lumber I already had to make a shopping list of what I would need, I found out that I didn't need to buy any lumber.  This project is almost totally free!  So cool!  The not free part revolves around the cost of the spray paint, the foam for the mattress and the fabric for the quilt.  I also bought a remnant of popcorn fleece and some yarn for a couple of blankets.  Yes, I went a little overboard.  We'll see how much I get accomplished before Christmas.  Today, with my coffee, I went out and cut my lumber and off on all day, I've been making progress.  My only hold up has been the lack of charge in the drill to start putting everything together.  Bummer!    I'd take a picture or two to share, but right now it doesn't look like much...just a pile of white lumber.  

My stitching for the last week or so has been revolving around Lust.  The last time she was pictured here, she looked like this 

I pulled her out for the HAED SAL on their BB last week.  At the end of the SAL, she looked like this 

And as of right now, she looks like this.

I love how fast those big blocks of color allow me to stitch!  Almost a page in a little over a week.  I'm planning on at least finishing this page before I move to another project.  I'm thinking maybe Window.  I have several projects that are very close (within a few weeks) of completion and I would dearly love a couple more finishes before the end of the year!


Ineke said...

You made nice progress on Lust!
The doll bed is lovely, but it looks like a lot of work. Do you include the quilt?

Bea said...

Great progress on Lust.

The doll bed is going to be very special. Enjoy!

Kate said...

Awesome about the doll bed, I bet she'll be tickled! And your stitching is gorgeous!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

That doll bed is going to be really special! Nice progress on Lust!

Marcy said...

Excellent progress!

Faith... said...

You made lots of progress on Lust and it looks great! Good luck with the bed - can't wait to see it.

Patches said...

I have such a hard time leaving hobby lobby with only what I went for