Monday, July 23, 2012

IHSW - July

OMG!!  It's been so freaking hot here that it only makes sense to stay inside and stitch!  I am still trying to work on Jakob's bed and I am making progress.  It is just slow while the poly dries sooooo fast.  I have his footboard done and his headboard is ready to be put together.  I cut the lumber for the boxes that his mattress will rest on and that will provide some much needed storage Sunday morning.  That's all the progress I made Sunday.  The weather forecast said it was supposed to hit 104F Sunday.  It was hot and nasty by 10am so stitching won out.  

This is where I left Lust Friday.  I've made really good progress in the last week.  This is almost half  a page finished.

Then for swim lessons, I stuck Window in my bag and haven't put it down yet.  Last night almost saw page 11 finished, but I just couldn't quite make it.  I do have it done now though.

I'll probably be taking Window to work again tomorrow.  Our server crapped out on me today while I was working on payroll, so we'll have to see if I can get it back up or not.  Doesn't help that the boss has been gone for a week and will be gone again this one...especially since the auditor showed up this morning.  Thankfully, I printed off the reports I need to pull more info for.  He doesn't need to know that my computers are down!

I got a new movie in the mail last week that I haven't managed to watch yet and everybody's in bed.  So, I think I'll go pull the shrink wrap off it and stitch on Window for a bit before bed.



McKenna C. said...

It looks great! Enjoy your movie! :)


Bea said...

Window is looking great. And while I wish it were warmer hear (we've barely cracked 70 all summer) I don't envy you all that heat. Take care!

Melissa said...

Great job on both your projects :)

mdgtjulie said...

Good progress, Sarah. I love your Lust. I'm still on the first page of my Lust UFO. (I'm thinking about pulling it into the rotation though. I really want to work on it. If my fox mojo stays away, I'll eventually pull it to replace Shore Patrol (two foxes on a winter riverbank) and we'll see what happens then!!!! Your Windows is looking good too. I hope you get the server back up at work, and that things go well with the auditor. Good luck tomorrow!!!

The Maiden said...

Window looks like a watercolor painting, amazing what thread and talent can do!

Joysze said...

Ahhhh, I've missed Window. Doesn't that just make you so proud? I LOVE it. :D

Lust is coming along so nicely.

Wow on Jakob's footboard. I can't wait to see the bed finished. :D