Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spring Knotgarden

After I finished part 9 of Window I last week, I kept on and stitched part 10.  It's kind of nice with a Sticklounge SAL to be a little unconcerned about finishing.  The top is the same as the bottom, so I haven't even bothered printing off the new parts.  AND, if I'm almost current.  Part 11 was released mid June.

After finishing part 10 of Window, Spring Knotgarden has come back out.  I'm so close to a finish, I can almost taste it!  I just have to stitch the flowers in the corner and finish that last eighth of parts 5 and 6.  So close!

After I finish this, hopefully Monday or Tuesday, I'm going to pull One Nation out of the WIP drawer.  The last time I put any stitches into it was the end of June last year.  Since the 4th of July is this week, some patriotic stitching is appropriate.  Even better if I can push this much closer to a finish.  It's been a WIP since May 2010.  That's long enough.

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