Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WIPacolypse and Vacation

Hi guys!  Sorry no posts for a while but we actually took a family vacation.  Last one was pre-children.  The oldest is going be 10 this month if that tells you anything.  Once I figure out how to get pictures off my phone, I'll share some with you.  There are some pretty ones of the mountains of New Mexico.

While we were gone, I did get some stitching done.  I finished part 12 of Window.  If I'm correct, that means it's all caught up!  Yay!

In my last order from Hand Dyed Fibers I ordered a new product.  I got two different colors of her Chain, Chain, Bead necklace. I ordered the teal and the black, both with silver clasps.  The teal came with green beads the black came with tealish beads that I switched.  I like to live dangerously like that!  It was super easy to do.  If you can do a simple single crochet, you can do this.  It takes longer to get all the beads onto the ribbon than it does to crochet it.  Then it is just like the name says.  Chain, Chain, Bead!  Easy peasy!  My only problem was I couldn't get the clasp to close enough without pliers that were at home.  

 Here it is over my office chair so you have an idea of the full length.  Cute idea!

Then since Window was caught up, I pulled Summer Knotgarden back out for some attention.  I haven't had this one out since 2010.  I was working on the flowers when my Grandma died and her favorite color was pink.  Made it kind of hard to work on.  I had finished a little of the meadow above the flowers but not a lot. I've made a lot of progress since I pulled it back out.  Only thing is, when I finished Spring Knotgarden, I pulled some of the DMC from Summer Knotgarden and put it all away.  Oops!  So instead of just moving over to the next meadow in part 3, I moved onto part 4.  This is part 4 all done except for some beads in this corner.  I've gotten a good start on part 5 so an update is probably not too far off.


Ineke said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful vacation with the family. Looking forward to see pictures.
The necklace is beautiful. Making them could be addicting too I suppose.

Andie said...

Awesome progress on your window :D Wow love the necklace!!! Summer Knotgarden is gorgeous!!! Might have to look at this one again.... I hope you now think of happy memories of your Grandma when you look at it! Glad you had a good vacation :D