Sunday, July 15, 2012

Updates and a new start.

I made it through another page of One Nation!  Then I move the q-snaps and couldn't face more letters.  Don't know why.  They've very easy letters to stitch.  Maybe it's the straight lines that border each stripe?  Don't know.  Could't do it.  So I pulled out another WIP.

This one happened to be Window.  I think this will be my swimming lessons piece this week.  I can't see trying to stitch over one at the pool.

Cause I've been working on Lust again.  So far so good.  Those little flames are their own little bit of confetti hell...each and every one, but there is lots of solid stitching on this page too for mini breaks.  

Then yesterday, DH and I went and bought supplies for my newest WIP.  Doesn't look like much in this first picture, but this will eventually be a headboard and footboard for Jakob's bed.  I promised him I would build him one while he's in Oklahoma, so I have to stick by my word.  Haven't lied to that kid yet and don't intend to start.  You can find the plan for the headboard and footboard here.  But I'm planning on adding some storage underneath, which Jakob has approved, that you can find here.  The storage seems straight forward. I just have to change the size since I'm building for a twin bed and I believe that those plans are for a queen.  Shouldn't be too bad.  Build a box with dividers to determine the size of the drawers and go from there.

Famous last words...

Here's the main part of the footbard


Rosemary said...

What a lot of great WIPs you have going; I know what you mean about just not feeling it when you are knee deep into a project - sometimes you just have to switch gears! You made me chuckle about the HAED and confetti hell, I am completely in awe of those who attempt to stitch HAEDs. Wow, such patience and the results are totally worth it!

McKenna C. said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! Your stitching is beautiful! If you had time, I would love it if you could check out my blog.