Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

I hope everyone stateside is having a great three day weekend!  My little family has taken time to remember all those who have served our country.  Both my maternal grandparents served as did my paternal grandfather.  My husband has also served.  THANK YOU!

Onto the stitching!

I've been stitching away on Spring Knotgarden since Tuesday.  Last night I finished parts 5 and 6 on the second corner.

Just two more corners to go!  But, One Nation has been whispering so it may come out tomorrow.  Wait and see!


mdgtjulie said...

Very pretty. I love the colors in that. And thank your DH for his service, from me. It's a good time to remember those who have served and given up their families, and friends, and even their lives for our freedoms.

Isadarena said...

Your spring knotgarden is coming along nicely : great stitching :-)