Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wipacolypse - June

I'm starting to get very close to a couple of finishes this month.  Yay!

Instead of swiching to Deep Blue Sea when part 6 was released, I've kept Spring Knotgarden out.  Last week I finished the third corner of parts 5 and 6.

I'm still working on my box for the box finishing class too.  It's all stained and the bottom half is lined.  I think I need to pull up the bottom and add some glue and a little weight while it dries, but I think it will look pretty cool when it's finished.

Since I finished that third corner of Spring Knotgarden, I've been working on Chelsea's square again.  I guess, the goal is to have all the squares done by the end of the month so they can be made into a quilt and sent off to Chelsea's mom and husband by the anniversary of her death next month.  This little square has definately reinforced some of my HAED stitching preferences.  I prefer 1x1 full cross on 28 ct fabric!  I'm hoping sometime in the next week or so will see this finished.  I'm ready for it to be finished.  I haven't been able to work on a HAED other than this this year.  I would really like to spend some quality time with Lust!

Now, since we just got home from our semi annual chicken butchering, I'm going to find the Aleve, find something cold to drink, put my feet up and stitch until I need to make supper.



Ineke said...

Beautiful, Sarah. And you are very close to a finish now! Keep stitching ;o)

Diane (di) said...

I englarged the pic for Deep Blue Sea and it is stunning, Sarah. So sparkly. I'm cheering you on!! :)

Isadarena said...

Wow !!! It is beautiful Sarah and you are very close to finsih it !!!

Maureen said...

Your knotgarden just looks gorgeous - not long to finish it now!

mdgtjulie said...

I have Lust in progress too, Sarah. It's a UFO though. (I had to cut my rotation down recently. Twenty projects is just too many.) I love the Knotgarden you're working on. It's lovely. And I LOVE the color of your box. It's beautiful!!! Can't wait to see it all done.