Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! and an update

I hope all the mothers out there had a great day!

We had a good one.  DH had to work, which is normal but my boys spent most of the day with friends at the park.  The house was soooo quiet!  Tonight, they went outside and picked flowers.  I got a bowl of every flower we have around the house.  Roses, dyanthis (sp?), iris, columbine, marigold and others I can't remember right now.  It was sweet!

Last week I interviewed for a new job.  Don'g get me wrong, I like my job.  It has little quirks that aren't normal.  For example, school gets out this week.  In March, my sitter told me that she couldn't take my oldest anymore.  He's too old.  So, he's coming to work with me this week when school gets out.  I'm hoping to get his eyes checked while he's in town with me.  Most jobs wouldn't allow him to be there.

But the drawbacks are starting to outweigh the other.  So, I sent off my resume and got an interview.  One of my co-workers used to work for this company and still talks to the owner.  He met with the same person who interviewed me for something totally unrelated and talked me up.  Thank you!

I've still been working on Deep Blue Sea and have finished all the fish.  So now there are just the three jellies, the waves and all the beads to go.  I would like to finish tomorrow, but I don't know how likely that is.

Until then...


Julie said...

Looks so nice and colourful on black.

Good luck on the job front.

natalyK said...

Beautiful work on the Mystery Deep Blue Sea. The colors are so vibrant on the black fabric.

mdgtjulie said...

Your fish are beautiful. I love the colors against the black. Grats on the progress. And good luck with the job situation. It's a hard economy, and finding a good job is tough. I hope you find a good one!!