Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The crud going around

Since it seems both my kids have to catch whatever is going around, I get extra stitching time.  Jakob had it last week and into the weekend.  Joshua caught it and had a temp at school yesterday.  That means he couldn't go to school today...which wouldn't have happened anyway...he's just not quite back to normal yet and the school has a silly rule about being fever free for 24 hours before they can go back.

So, I've been stitching.  

Last night, I finished page 10 of 1900 ABC.  So close to the half way point...just two more pages to go.  This thing is going to be monster big when its done!

Then, just for a change of scenery, we revisit Deep Blue Sea.  This month is the entire top of the piece.  My guess is the northeast corner or the east side next month.  If you add them up there's 8 more parts that way.  This thing is going to just shimmer when it's done.  This part has so many beads and lots of PTB that it will just shine!


Joysze said...

Sorry to hear both boys are sick, :(, but YAY for stitching time!!!! ABC's looking great, but DBS... man, oh man, oh man!!!!

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your boys, I hope they feel better soon.

Your WIPs look absolutely beautiful!

Deb on the Cumberland Plateau said...

Hello. New to your blog and wanted to let you know you inpsired me to start Abecedaire 1900. Yours is beautiful! I guess it's fortunate that these small pictures don't truly show how big ABC 1900 is going to be! Enjoying your progress :)