Monday, June 13, 2011

Winter Watergarden

I've finally finished half of part 6 of Winter Watergarden.  Now that I've got the colors down it isn't as bad but the 8 repeats are going to get really old!

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked this weekend.  Jakob had a ball game Saturday afternoon and we moved my Mustang to a friend of Ed's who is into Fords and will have the time to take a look and see if we can't get it running again.  In the meantime, Ed can park in the garage. 

I did a car traded in on a new one Thursday morning.  Didn't take long at all.  Now I'm driving what feels like a boat after years and years in a compact car.  A full sized one is going to take some getting used to. 

Now, I'm going to go see if I can finish the lower left side of Winter Watergarden before I go to bed tonight.  With a little luck, Ed will go to bed early and I can catch another episode or two of season 3 of True Blood!



wendy111 said...

It is looking very nice, and half way through a part is a great place to be. Happy stitching

Charbsandthebumpydog said...

I understand completely, I'm also stitching the same parts on mine. It looks like such a small part and it seems to be taking forever to stitch. Not my favourite bit to stitch but aren't the snowflakes just too cute! When I got half way through I had a break for a week to work on my Chatelaine small exchange item.

Lissanne said...

This is looking so pretty. I love the detail of this one and am starting to now understand about getting tired of stitching a certain part!

Karen said...

Looking WONDERFUL - those cattails get me every time I see WIPs of this! I wish Knotgarden would go as quick as you are on this - I'd like to get it DONE!

Joysze said...

It's looking great, Sarah. :D

mdgtjulie said...

WW is looking good. At least you're halfway done with the reps!!! I really hope your car gets fixed. I would love to have a Mustang. I think they're awesome!!