Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, there's no pictures today.  I've been too busy fighting with part 6 of Winter Watergarden and the frogs that have come to visit.  I think I'm taken out just as much, if not more than I've managed to stitch and I'm only on the first corner.

In other news, I'm buying a new car and signing my life away, again, tomorrow.  Ed's car is 1997 Corolla that I drove for 7 years, it went through a tornado, and has been driven for another seven years.  Good news is they're giving me $1000 for it.  Ed wanted to just park it at a friend's.  HA!  Gotta keep the payments down somehow!  So, he's going to get my 2007 Corolla that we got in November because I killed my last one with a deer.  Not the recommended way to kill a car!

Tomorrow, I'm going to sign on the dotted line and pick up a 2010 Camry.  The boys are growing and are starting to have major space issues in the back of the Corolla.  The Camry has lots more room.  Ed will get the 07 and have a/c and heat again.  He's really been missing the a/c the last couple of days with temps over 100 degrees. 

I'll have to remember to take some pics of all three cars and see what you think.



Karen said...

Boo! to the frogs - I hope they find a new watergarden to inhabit!

Enjoy the new car - it's a painful thing to sign the paper, but I guess a necessary evil, huh?

Lissanne said...

I haven't had frogs until the last couple of days, so they must be making their way around!! Hope you have fun with your new car. Whew, 100 degrees with no a/c, this is the weather where you should send someone out to turn the a/c on in your car so it will be cool inside before you get in, lol!!

mdgtjulie said...

Grats on the new purchase. Or condolences on the need for one, lol. I hope you enjoy having such a new car!! Sorry to hear about the frogs. They visit us all, and we all hate them, lol. I hope they go away and stay away!!!

Joysze said...

Damn frogs!!! Want me to send you a shovel to smack them with? :)

Ooooh, I love new cars!! Yes, pics for sure. :D