Saturday, June 25, 2011


A few weeks ago I went through Joshua's room and cleaned up.  Poor guy had basically been making do since I'd gotten Jakob moved downstairs after the first of the year.  So after going through lots and lots of stuff and throwing away lots of broken toys and other trash.  I got to move a dresser downstairs that I'm currently stuffing full of my stuff. 

In the midst of the cleaning frenzy downstairs, I came across my charts for Chatelaine's Caribbean.  When I posted my finish, someone asked for the changes I made since I stitched it on black.  So, now, before I throw my printed charts away, I'm going to post my changes here, part by part.

Part 1:  The only change I made here was to change the black around the center garden to DMC 502.

Part 2:  No changes

Part 3:  I didn't bother stitching the flamingos in the flamingo ornaments.  I still like the way they look without any thing there.

Part 4:  No changes

Part 5.  The only changes I made were to back stitch the flamingos in The Gentle Art Poppy and stitched the legs in two different colors.  I chose two shade of carnation pink conversion to DMC and stitched all but about three stitches on each leg (right above the gingersnap the egg/nest are sitting on).  The darker color stitched those skipped stitches to give the flamingos knees.  I went through a lot of flamingo pictures on line to decide how to stitch them.  I did stitch the bills of theflamingos in black.

Part 6:  The only change is that I backstitched the sail of the boat in white.  Sure made the sail pop a little more.

Part 7:  No changes to my little fishies other than I stitched them in the wrong color...oops!

Part 8:  The humming bird saw a couple of changes.  The DMC 823 became 336.  Otherwise most of him wouldn't have been terribly visible.  I stuck with this change through the rest of the parts.

Part 9:  The starfish are backstitched with PB 26.  The squares around the crystal symbols are backstitched with PB 36

Part 10:  All the black was changed to DMC 336

Part 11:  The black on the butterflies was stitched in PB 09

Part 12:  The black in the butterflies in the border was also changed to PB 09. I pretty randomly chose this color from colors left from previously completed Chatelaines.

This concludes my Caribbean changes.  Thanks for reading. ;)

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mdgtjulie said...

I'm too scared to change anything, lol. Occasionally, I'll make a change in the colors used in bsing, but that's about it, and I have to be brave to do that!!