Saturday, June 4, 2011


My kit for Loara Standish finally arrived this week. I've pulled 3 different colors of 40 ct HDF to swap out the unknown 35 ct that the it came with. I debated about some 50 ct Kingston, but I really don't know if I want it that small. The pics show a light, medium and dark fabric.  The second picture probably shows the differences the best since you can see all three fabrics in that one. 

So, which fabric do you like best?


Joysze said...

I think the middle one, Sarah. I'd be worried that that light cream floss won't show on the light fabric, and I think the greens would pop more on the medium shade as well.

wendy111 said...

I agree with Joyce on this one, I think the middle one looks best with the floss. This looks like it is going to be lovely given the floss colours

Isadarena said...

Hi Sarah, I think I prefer the middle one , the colors pop up much more on that fabric color :-)
Have a nice Sunday,