Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yesterday, the weather man was saying that we could see some snow but that there as no accumulation expected. Boy was he wrong! This morning, we woke up to our first snowfall this winter. There was enough that Jakob tried to build a snow man. Then Ed got the lawn tractor out and pulled the boys around the yard on the sled. I don't know who had more fun!

Just a little while ago I finished part 9 of When Stars Collide. I've gotten behind with this one in the last couple of weeks. Now, I'm going to pull Baumchen out for a little while and see how much progress I make before bed.

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Ineke said...

Looks like your boys have a lot of fun in the snow.
Great progres you made on When Stars Collide! The pink colour shades give a lovely effect with the yellow/gold.