Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Since Ed's been gone this week, I've made lots of progress with my stitching! Tonight, I finished page 8 of Lust!

I think I finished page 7 in June so this one has been a while in coming. Stitching that arm gave me fits. I really didn't like the colors used until they were all stitched and it came together. Now it works for me.

Now, what to take with me for the weekend...Lust is definately coming as are my Sticklounge pieces. I should be able to finish Zentangle with just a couple hours worth of stitching. I think I'm going to pick at least one Chatelaine, maybe two just for some variety!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Ineke said...

WOW! You really did make a lot of progress! She is beautiful!
Happy Thanksgiving and a great weekend to you too.

Joysze said...