Sunday, November 7, 2010

Well, it took a week but we bought me a car! It's amazing how much plans can change in just one week. We were originally going to go to Omaha to look at cars there. We'd found a couple we were interested in online. We ended up in Milford (another small town, but big enough for a car dealership and a community college!) buying one that was almost identical to my old one. Instead of silver it's blue and two years newer with almost 90, 000 fewer miles. It still looks funny sitting in the garage!

Since the funeral, I've not been stitching much till late this week. I've been reading a lot and taking some hot baths to relax. I need to catch up with a couple of Sticklounge SALs but neither one should take long once I pick it back up. Here's When Stars Collide thru part 8.

Baumchen is completed thru part 3. This is the top row.

And here's Chatelaine's summer Knotgarden thru part 2. Part 3 came out on the first so I'm not too far behind. I've converted all the silks to HDF on this one. I'm thinking there isn't enough contrast in the upper left petal and may take out what looks like leaf veins and restitch in a slightly darker color.

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