Sunday, May 2, 2010


This severe weather season seems to have gotten started with a bang. Thursday night we had thunder, lightening, high winds and even a couple of tornados in the state. One was not very far from here. We'll just say that Ed was pretty wound up until about 11pm when things started calming down. The good news is we got over 1 1/2 inches of rain!

I've been busy in the basement again. It seems that if I want something done, I have to do it myself. I stayed home when he went to Oklahoma to work on a couple of projects and started working on the last wall in the guest room. Ed was supposed to finish it Friday while he was home from work, but decided other outdoor projects were more important. So, today, inbetween loads of laundry, I added another couple of feet of paneling. Here's the pic where I left off to let the adhesive dry. I need to add some nails since the adhesive doesn't seem to be terribly effective...especially before it dries. That's why the creative method of holding it to the studs.

Here's where I left Lust to start Honor and Glory

And here's where Honor and Glory is as of this morning. I should have read the chart a little more closely. Most of the openings in the stitched part are beads! Those are now ordered and have been shipped!

Part 2 of Frosty Knotgarden was released yesterday too and it's calling. We'll see how long I can resist!

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Ineke said...

You did a lot of work in the basement! It looks very cosy even if the work is unfinished.
Your stitching is beautiful. Could you resist Frosty Knotgarden? I did start stitching part one this weekend!