Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wow! It's already been a long weekend and I'm tired! Just finished building and painting some new furniture for the patio. There's the bench that was first just to prove I could.

Then just to see how tired I could get, I build two Ariandock chairs and a table between them. Those I just finished and if the paint was dry, I'd be sitting in one of them with a cold, possibly alcoholic beverage. I'm gonna hurt tomorrow! Now I've got to plant 50 straberries and some other assorted plants and get the garden watered. There may be a stitchy update tomorrow. My DH will be getting home from his fishing trip tomorrow and my MIL will be here to go through some of my baby stuff. Not as much as I'd like though. I've got two boys and my youngest SIL is having a girl. Oh well, them's breaks!

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Ineke said...

A lot of hard working you have done, but the result is beautiful! You surely will enjoy sitting in the sun in those self built and self painted chairs. Happy stitching.