Sunday, May 9, 2010

Update your virus software!! I just had to do a system restore on my computer since it seems I got something nasty!!

I've spent part of this morning working on the wall in the basement again. All the wood is up and is now stained. I decided to go with a golden Oak stain. Ed was going for a rustic look and I think the stain will definiately contribute to that look. I'll have to put some polyurethane on the window casing but I'm still debating about putting any on the rest of the wall.

Now, my little boys and I are going to go buy some lumber. I need some trim for around the wall, around the window, on the floor and around the door. I also have to get a door. Thankfully all that will be finished outside. It's also all on sale!!

I put up pictures later today.

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